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The search and reunion journey can be scary, confusing, and overwhelming. It can also be exciting, fulfilling, and joyful. The first step in the reunion journey is to make sure that you're emotionally ready. There are many possible outcomes to acknowledge, both positive and negative, before beginning. Consider going to support groups or a professional counselor to make sure that you're prepared.

There isn't one right way to conduct your search. You have many options to consider. Online adoption registries are a great resource. You can both search for that one person or you can enter your own information, in hopes that the person for whom you're looking is also searching for you. You can also use social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to get the word out about your search.

The reunion journey can take anywhere from days to years. It's more than just a journey to find that person. It is also a journey of self. During this time, you'll discover new things about yourself and your situation. You'll come to a better understanding of your feelings, experiences, and perceptions. And when you do find the person for whom you're searching, you'll have a new journey ahead of you: building a healthy relationship and moving forward.


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After an adoption is finalized, the state issues a document that allows for a new birth certificate to the adoptee. His or her original birth certificate is then sealed and filed in the state's adoption records. These records are sealed and kept anonymous until someone from the adoption triad attempts to retrieve the file. The main reason someone would want to access the adoptee's original birth certificate is to find out more about their biological parents' or grandparents'...

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you plan a search , or have yet to reunite physically with birth family, do this: Wear your...
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Later, we gathered for a while in my birth mother, Viís, home. It was a lovely old home she was renovating, with a...

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If you have a name & DOB this...
If you have a first name and date of birth (even just month and year) I may be able to help you. That would mean...
Birthmother wouldn't talk about...
I know this is common enough, but I don't seem to be able to find other posts on this topic. Can anyone comment on...

Adoption Reunion Registry


Nov 29, 1960 (F) - Birthmother doris and birth father were from wilmington, nc. she was... [more]

Nov 26, 1979 (M) - Father was never known. gave false information. mother was 5"8" 150... [more]

Birth Mothers

Dec 7, 1970 (M) - I was placed in foster care and lost all contact with him just sign... [more]

Apr 7, 1972 (F) - She was adopted twice. her first adoptive name was lila elizabeth... [more]

Birth Fathers

Aug 30, 1974 (M) - He was adopted by a family in percelville virginia [more]

Dec 30, 1988 (F) - Had petil mal seizures and learning disabilty as a child [more]

Siblings, etc.

Apr 17, 1978 (F) - Was told that angel's name was possibly changed to elizabeth. [more]

Jul 24, 1975 (F) - I am looking for the children of my best friend victoria lynn (nee... [more]

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