Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of growth, change, and self-understanding. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, it is essential to understand proper nutrition, the importance of doctor's visits and checkups, and being emotionally ready for what's in the future. You'll find ample information within these pages that can help to guide you through the coming months.

For those who are experiencing a planned pregnancy, you'll spend the next few months planning for your child's arrival. You'll research pregnancy body and mood changes, prepare the baby's nursery, pick a name, and begin your life as a happy family. Your pregnancy will be full of excitement and anxiousness, love and hope.

However, for those who did not plan to become pregnant, you may be spending the coming months researching your options. You have an important decision to make--a decision that affects both you and your growing baby. Your pregnancy may be a time of confusion and pain. It's important to remember that you're not alone, and you do have options. It may feel like a lonely time in your life, but there are those who want to help, support, and comfort. While the end decision you make may be emotionally painful, you can still heal and begin moving forward with hope.


Unplanned Pregnancy Articles

Early pregnancy symptoms are anything but an exact science. They vary by woman and even by pregnancy for some women. A missed period is not a sure sign of pregnancy, as menstrual cycles can also be altered by one's diet, stress and environment. But missing a period is certainly an important early pregnancy symptom. Because some pregnancy tests may take up to seven days before they can detect pregnant hormones, the wait can be the longest week or two for many women. Although...

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This has been a subject on my heart for a long time, something I haven't been sure about how to approach until...
The Love that Lets Love Go
No greater love could there ever be a love that encompasses sorrow Not even the darkest night can smother its...

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One mother's story...
I found out I was pregnant three days after my 19th bday. I had a genetic disorder and the doctors had told me that I...
LA Birthmothers Meetup!
LA Birthmothers Unite! Please join us at Pete's Cafe in Downtown LA for complimentary coffee/tea and breakfast....

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