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For those wanting to adopt a child, there are many types of adoption from which to choose. One of the main types is international adoption. International adoption is defined as adopting from any country outside of your own. For the majority of readers of, it would be the United States. Not all countries allow international adoption. You will need to do a little research to learn which ones do.

While exploring from which country you'd like to adopt, remember that each country has its own set of laws and requirements. It's crucial to know if you're qualified before you begin any adoption process. This is your first step. It will save you time, money, energy, and heartache in the days and months to come.

In most cases, the adoption will be finalized in the child's country of birth, according to that country's adoption laws. Some countries have a longer finalization process than others. And some even require the adoptive parents to be in the country throughout the entire finalization process, which can sometimes add up to weeks or months. Being fully informed of international adoption expectations will make the entire process run more smoothly and efficiently.


International Adoption Articles

International adoptions have stacks of required paperwork, but none are as important to wrapping up the adoption process as obtaining an adoptee's adoption visa. There are two possible visas that can be issued: the IR-3 and an IR-4. The IR-3 visa documents that an adoption was finalized overseas. With this kind of visa, a child is automatically made an American citizen upon arriving in the U.S. Although the adoptee is a citizen, most states require the child to be "re-adopted"...

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We canít wait to welcome a child into our family and are excited about becoming adoptive parents. We have a great deal of love to share and invite you to learn more about us. [more]

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