Birth Parents

Placing a child with an adoptive family can be emotionally devastating. It's never an easy decision to make. It takes courage. Every birth parent has his or her reason for choosing adoption. For some, they may be unable to emotionally, physically, or financially support themselves and their children. Others may want to finish their education. And some became pregnant after a traumatic event and can't live with that reminder each day. Every birth parent has a unique story to tell.

Birth parents love their children. They think about them each day. Some birth parents relive the pain of placement and the overwhelming feelings of loneliness and loss regularly. While mourning is natural, it is also important to not be overwhelmed by it. Birth parent support groups are created and maintained across the country. To find much-needed support, many birth parents find that actively participating in support groups can eventually bring self-understanding, healing, and happiness. Birth parents also have the option of visiting a professional counselor or therapist if they need additional support.

This section will help birth parents understand what happens after placement, how to move forward, how to create successful adoption relationships, and how to encourage emotional healing.


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Birth parents looking for adopted children have a few search and reunion options. If the birth mother placed the child with the help of an agency, she can return to the agency and ask if they have post-adoption services that help reconnect birth parents looking for adopted children. Some states, however, require birth parents to register with the state registry, which keeps track of all members of adoption parties searching for one another. State registries usually run on mutual...

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Adoption Reunion Registry


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Birth Fathers

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