Whatever your family situation, adoption may be a great option to consider. The first thing you'll need to do is determine which type of domestic adoption is right for your family: foster care, older child, or infant adoption. When researching the domestic adoption process, you'll discover the average costs, time frames, and state-specific requirements. This necessary information will be your first step in the adoption process. Having a child placed in your home and immediately becoming a part of your family can be a beautiful and life-changing experience.

Throughout this journey, you'll discover that you're not alone. There are adoption professionals available across the county. They are there to help you reach your end goal of adopting domestically. They can help you navigate the paperwork, fees, and state-specific adoption laws. If you need additional support, support groups are another option. You'll find people who are in similar situations and those who have wisdom and first-hand knowledge to share with you. Their experiences can help fortify and inform you, help you more fully understand the process. Take the time you need to research all your options. The best decision you can make is an informed decision.


Adopting Articles

Couples pursuing domestic infant adoption will be asked by a case worker, attorney or facilitator to create an adoption profile that can be presented to birth mothers considering placement. These portfolios are kind of like scrap books with photos that give an idea of the couple's the lifestyle. They also include letters to the future birth mother that introduce the couple and their desire to adopt a child. General forms and guidelines for these letters can be found online. For...

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Precious Children
Recently I read an editorial by someone who thought "older parenting" was a terrible idea. I thought I dismissed her...
South Africa
With the World Cup being in South Africa this year we have talked a lot about two things in my house recently- soccer...

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Where are all the single parents?
Hi, I am new. Just looking for some support as I start this journey. Anyone else single and adopting?
Way OT - loan with iffy credit
this is OT but does anyone know where someone with iffy credit can get a small loan? It's for car repairs. Thanks!

Parent Profiles

We met through our work as federal law enforcement officers. Our lives together have been a wonderful and wild adventure. Andrea is looking forward to turning in her handcuffs for a diaper... [more]

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Latour (VA / 18 / M)
This duo will enchant you! Latour and Dominique are an African American brother and sister team, and they want to grow up together in a permanent family. They both sport beautiful... [more]

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Domestic Adoption?
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