Whatever your family situation, adoption may be a great option to consider. The first thing you'll need to do is determine which type of domestic adoption is right for your family: foster care, older child, or infant adoption. When researching the domestic adoption process, you'll discover the average costs, time frames, and state-specific requirements. This necessary information will be your first step in the adoption process. Having a child placed in your home and immediately becoming a part of your family can be a beautiful and life-changing experience.

Throughout this journey, you'll discover that you're not alone. There are adoption professionals available across the county. They are there to help you reach your end goal of adopting domestically. They can help you navigate the paperwork, fees, and state-specific adoption laws. If you need additional support, support groups are another option. You'll find people who are in similar situations and those who have wisdom and first-hand knowledge to share with you. Their experiences can help fortify and inform you, help you more fully understand the process. Take the time you need to research all your options. The best decision you can make is an informed decision.


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Native American adoption is regulated by federal law, instead of state laws like most other adoptions. In 1978, the U.S. passed the Indian Child Welfare Act, which allows sovereign states to regulate the adoption of tribal members. The ICWA states that Native American adoptees have a right to know of their cultural origins and maintain the opportunity to be active in the Native heritage. Depending on the child's familial circumstance, the voluntary or involuntary placement of a...

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Easter "Vacation"
Well dearies, I'm back. I've been on a little adventure that reminded me once more, I'm no "spring chicken."'In March,...
The C Family
There is a family that lives two houses down from us who are like the majority of families in this area. The mom and...

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Our Adoption was GRANTED with...
If you need the step parent adoption forms just let me know your email address. I was fortunate enough to have...
Preschool, Daycare, Learning...
Can someone please tell me the difference between Preschool, Daycare and a Learning Center? I have been scouring the...

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We are so grateful that you are interested in learning more about us. We are excited to learn more about you as well. We would feel so blessed if you reached out to us. We look forward... [more]

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Julyan (TX / 10 / M)
Julyan is a great child who deserves a wonderful family. He is typically a very happy child. He is an active, energetic, and curious boy. He is also very intuitive. Julyan... [more]

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