Adult adoptees often have questions about their pasts. Generally raised by loving adoptive parents, adult adoptees may carry a myriad of emotions, including abandonment, identity issues, and trust and intimacy concerns. While adult adoptees may prefer to look forward rather than backward, these questions can come forth at any point during an adoptee's life. hopes to help identify and answer some of those important and life-changing questions.

Throughout this section, adult adoptees will find additional information about dealing with negative or troubling emotions; finding the much-needed support from fellow adoptees, support groups, family and friends, and professional counselors; common adult adoptee issues; and moving forward with hope, forgiveness, and healing.

While everyone has their own life journey, each journey is unique. The same is true with adult adoptees. Each adult adoptee's experience is different, and each has a different need during his or her journey. Some want to know what their birth parents look like. Others want to know family medical history or hereditary health issues of which to be aware and cautious. Some just want to know why he or she was placed. provides ample information, insight, and help for all of these situations and more.


Adoptee Articles

Adoptive families are expanded by the adoption of an infant or child. Adoptive families come in all kinds of dynamics, from single or gay parents to more traditional families or those with many siblings. Generally, at least one parent is not biologically related to the adoptee. It's often thought that there's no bond that can go deeper than that between a mother and her child. However, just because an adoptee's adoptive family may not be his or her biological relatives,...

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Sealed With a Law
I was adopted from New Jersey, which, like many other states, has sealed records for adoptees with closed adoptions.  ...
As many people can probably relate to, my hairdresser is the one person who knows everything about me.  In a short...

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Taking back birth name
First of all, I do not want to start a nasty and hurtful debate about birth names and adopted names. What I want to...
Just need an adoptees perspective
Hello, I'm a birthmother for twenty-six years now. I and my bdaughter are in an open adoption. When it was time for...

Adoption Reunion Registry


Oct 11, 1962 (F) - My birth mother had planned for adoption, brought me home and then i... [more]

Sep 9, 1996 (F) - My adoption was finalized on june 18th,1998. [more]

Birth Mothers

Mar 31, 1989 (F) - Birth mother's maiden name: sharon lorena brown birth father's name:... [more]

Birth Fathers

Jul 3, 1994 (F) - Was delivered by police because my wife could not make it to... [more]

Siblings, etc.

Dec 20, 1994 (M) - Mother name at birth christina white mother dob 01/10/1973. [more]

Dec 24, 1991 (F) - Both birth parents were college students. [more]