Twins For Adoption

Most prospective parents are hoping to adopt at least one child, to hope for two may be pushing it. The likelihood of an adopter being placed with biological twins is slim. But, adopters may consider "artificial twinning" if they have their heart set on raising multiple children close in age. Artificial twinning is something sometimes done in domestic and international adoptions and refers to adopting two biologically unrelated children that are less than nine months apart in age.

Depending on the domestic agency, artificial twinning may not be something that's practiced or encouraged due to the high levels of stress that adoption causes in children and adults alike. The opposite is true for international adoptions, which encourage adopters to adopt more than one child. This may sometimes be prodded on by the philanthropic nature that brings a couple to adopt internationally, which can be a problem if the family isn't prepared for double the expenses, worries and possible medical or emotional issues to follow.

An adopter looking for an infant adoption of twins may have luck finding a future birth mother. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 118,916 twin births in the year 2000. This is nearly a 75 percent increase in twin births 20 years prior. A younger woman is less likely to have twins than someone over the age of 30.

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Jen - 8 months ago
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My husband #1
becca - 2 years ago
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I wish my mum could adopt or (go on the waiting list) to adopt twins, I always wanted 2 twin sisters to look out for and I am the only child :) #2

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