Single Woman Adoption

There are certainly gender inequalities in single-parent adoption, but they're slowing being phased out. As women are perceived to be more nurturing than males, the single-parent stigmas have faded faster for women. Previously, being a single woman looking to adopt has lumped many great parental candidates into the label of "nontraditional adopter." Things have changed and in the modern adoption community, single women can adopt healthy infants.

Finding a birth mother is still going to be difficult for a single woman, because many birth mothers feel that being a single parent would give the child an inadequate upbringing and that may have factored into their decision to place. A single women who has been in a serious, committed relationship in the past or is currently in one will be more likely to adopt an infant from a birth mother.

The reality of single-parent adoption, however, is that their best chances lie in public agency adoption. Children with special needs, who are harder to place, are made available to nontraditional adopters.

For international adoption the marital regulations are more lenient, especially for women. Some countries, however, may ask a woman to "prove" she isn't a lesbian and may come down hard on certain single women adopters.When conducting a home study, case works may ask certain questions about plans to marry or sexual orientation may come up.

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