Single Male Adoption

Single males who want to adopt a child can expect to be met with a lot of suspicious looks from case workers both domestically and internationally. Single males who want to adopt a female child will be under even more of a close watch. Even with the changing laws concerning gay adoption in many states, it can be years and years before a single male gets his foot in the door for an adoption opportunity. It's not that single males are necessarily bad, but men are traditionally thought to be less nurturing than a woman and more physically driven when it comes to punishment and expression. While these are obviously gross generalizations of the male psyche, single male adoption is what it is.

A single man's best shot at adopting will be of a young male who is thought to be in need of a strong male role model in his life. A man can find such children by seeking out the help of social workers. A man who has his heart set on adopting a daughter may increase his chances of adopting by passing his home study before he registers with agencies.

Note: In China, a single male has to be at least 40 years a girl's senior before he is eligible to adopt her. If a man is openly gay and expresses this to his agency, this may increase his chances of adopting in certain states. States like Florida, however, ban any gay adoption.

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edd collins - 2 months ago
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my wife i, when she was here on earth wanted to adopt an older am older,and widow still want to adopt an old male child.age 10 to 14 years.the can have some typr of inpairment that rth child and will work together wit.big thing am on SSI of 1172 monthly ,can i give this child a loving caring and respective home.i belive i can.xxxxx #1
Stephen Davis - 4 months ago
That is profiling and a matter of an opionion I think a male can rase a child just as good as female I can tell a feminist wrote this #2

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