Sealed Adoption Records

Once an adoption is finalized, all adoption records are sealed and filed with the State. This is true for nearly all states, which require various levels of consent from adoption parties before information from sealed adoption records can be accessed.

Adoptees' No. 1 reason for accessing sealed adoption records is to learn more about their medical history. Sometimes this involves search and reunion, to contact a birth relative and inquire about any conditions that may have developed in the parents or siblings since the adoption.

Depending on the kind of information someone is seeking from an adoption record, the state may release nonidentifying information to a requester without having to register with the state registry. This information may include, according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway: Date and place of the adoptee's birth, age of birth parents and a general physical description, race, ethnicity, religion and medical history of the birth parents, educational level and occupations of birth parents at the time of adoption, reason for placing the child and any siblings the child may have had.

Some adoptees may look to access their original birth certificate for search and reunion purposes. These are with the sealed adoption records, because a new birth certificate is made after an adoption is finalized. To retrieve this, an adoptee must sign-up with their state registry. Most states have a registry that works passively and require mutual consent be given from adoption parties before information is released. Other states may allow an agency to help with locating birth parents or adoptees.

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Aisha - 9 months ago
Here is some information I have so far about my lost family by adoption. My mother was 18 and dad was 20 when I was born. She was short in height and dark skinned. My dad was tall and had a lighter complexion. He was described as youthful looking. My mom had 2 children prior to me, 2 girls by another man, an had a son with my dad, I was the baby. Or it may have been 1 girl and 1 boy and a girl by my dad and then me. Either way I was the fourth child by the time she was 18. The religion was Protestant and I was born premie, weighing in at 2.9 or 2.8 oz. I was a happy baby and had a health appetite. #1
Terri - 1 week ago
I was born jan 10 1956 in high point nc. I was given to terry James Martin and Lessie sue Martin when I was 3 days old they then adopted me right before I turned 6. That is all the information I have. Some of the information I though was accurate about my biological parents has not been true. #2
Kim - 9 months ago
I am a female born on November 20, 1969, according to my birth certificate, at Detroit General Hospital. The story that I was told was that my mother was sixteen at the time of her pregnancy and had to give me up. According to paperwork from the adoption agency (no adoption agency was named, however) my mother is/was of German and Dutch descent, and my father Cherokee Indian. My mother had rheumatic fever as a child, but that is the only medical history I know of. As I am now in my mid-40's, I am growing concerned about medical history. If the above information fits you when you gave up your child...or a relative or friend of yours, please respond. I am not necessarily looking for a reunion or anything of that matter. I grew up with wonderful parents and love them very much. I would simply like to know of any potential hereditary health issues...and maybe which of my birth parents I might look the most like. Thank you. #3
Teresa - 8 months ago
I was born march 1947 I'm now 67 with no idea who are my birth parents are or were her name only Marion Jean Davis in Burlington County via Dr. Horace Gibson a Black Market Baby Dr most deceased but somebody. Knows I want to know before I die who am I for real do I have siblings #4
Val - 9 months ago
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born May 13 1965 adoption papers say baby girl Christian San Bernardino County, my name may have been Carol. Mother moved to San Bernardino County from Minnesota where she had other family and a son that lived with her parents. My mother was the oldest of eight children that all lived in Minnesota in 1965. I was born at the San Bernardino Community Hospital. looking for any family. #5
Jekhima Smith - 10 months ago
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I'm looking for my sister Tiesha. Her middle name is Denise and her real last name is Smith. I don't know what her adopted last name is and i don't know where she is or really who she is but I really would like to meet her. She is black and everybody says when she was a child she had green eyes. She was born August 6th, 1993. She will be 21 this year. Her birth mother is Renee Williams and her birth father's name is George Smith. I'm her youngest sister and I really want to find her so I can be the little sister that I was supposed to be if she wasn't put up for adoption. She has a small cranium and a history of health records. Can ANYBODY help me find my sister?\ I don't know where she is! I don't even know if she is dead or alive!!! #6
Nancy - 10 months ago
I was born on June 21, 1974 and adopted on or around July 9, 1974 in Souix City, Iowa..i am looking for any information reguarding birth parents or siblings, and medical history. I have NO information at all and am having problems accessing records. Plz help me out with any information. Thank you #7
Michael S - 9 months ago
I was adopted Our Lady of Victory Lackawanna NY Birth date June,21,1959 If MY biological family is looking for ME IM in Toledo Ohio, Can Anybody help ME find MY birth Mother / family Thank YOU for reading MY note PLEASE HELP and SHARE #8
Jessie - 9 months ago
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I am a female born 05/03/1977 in North Carolina. looking for birth family. #9
Dustin Creel - 1 year ago
My fiance was adopted out of Catholic Charities in Sioux City, Iowa. Her birthdate is oct. 17, 1981. The adoption is closed and the parents signed an affidavit to not be known. However her youngest child is terminally ill and the medical records are needed. If I could get info or anything to help it would be greatly appreciated. The adoption decree said that she was known as baby girl Smith. #10
Jennifer - 10 months ago
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I was adopted in Lafayette Indiana my birthdate is March 14,1971 trying to find any living relatives #11
Deandra - 11 months ago
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My mom was adopted at birth in 1963 and I want to know how to recover her medical history...if someone can please guide me in the right direction I would be very grateful. #12
robin - 1 year ago
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i gave a child up for adoption,i do not know if it was a boy or girl,my child would be 42years old dob 6-3-1971.I turn 60 this year and really want to know if my child is alive and to let him or her know they were always in my was albany ga.i was 18 years old and not married.please help thank you #13
Sarah Maynor - 1 year ago
I was adopted date of birth is July 08 1977 if my biological family is looking for me I'm in louisiana where I was born at woman's hospital wondering if I have siblings out there. Thank you #14
robert lexton mcpeake - 1 year ago
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trying to find my birth parents. birth date-3 -7-65 allegany pa.robert mcpeake md. #15
dustin creel - 1 year ago
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Sorry birthdate is oct. 14, 1981 #16
brenda - 2 years ago
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My sister was adopted when she was 4 months old never seen her don't know if she is dead or alive the rest of us solving want to know as well we need closer can u help she would be 46. Or 45 now born April 25 1966 we were raised in the children's home in Raleigh NC our mother passed away. In the 70 a lot of health issues. Have rising. To the surface a lot of children was being killed abused and abused back than I pray she wasn't one of them please help me please #17
Chris - 2 years ago
0 2 0
Rights terminated for "unable" to protect kids, they were adopted, how can I go about contacting them #18

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