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Being pro adoption has nothing to do with being anti anything else. It's easily perceived to be that way due to its popularity as an option for unplanned pregnancy, but adoption is something to be thought of separately.

Being pro adoption means advocating for second chances. These second chances are for birth relatives, the adoptees and the adopters. When a woman becomes pregnant at a time in her life that she does not have the social, mental or financial ability to rear a child herself, the best choice she can make is to allow someone else who is waiting for that very opportunity to have their chance.

The chance to adopt and raise a child is something adopters choose for a variety of reasons. Some adopters cannot carry a pregnancy to term or are infertile and want to still raise a child, regardless of relation. Other adopters want to give children in developing countries the opportunity to live in a society with a lifestyle they would have never come close to having in their country of origin.

As an adoptee, coming into the adoption process is a decision they do not make. They may also run into pressure from people who do not understand adoption and are essentially anti-adoption. Giving an adoptee a pro adoption stance to defend and spread is the best way to make the rest of the world pro adoption without even thinking twice.

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Search for "Pet for adoption" in Singapore ... i found her some where around my block . but i cant keep her as i got a baby at home .so now i wanna find her a new home .. interested please call 81319201 eileen thanks

When you have a multicultural, multilingual, and multiracial family you get used to some strange comments, bizarre questions, and amazing assumptions.

Abandoned dogs left to fend for themselves in and around Singapore by irresponsible pet owners. Please give them a 2nd chance in life, a loving home and a place in your heart.

As we wait for a referral for a baby from Korea, we feel the strain of being biological parents in the adoption process.

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