Pictures Of Kids Up For Adoption

You've passed your home study and are ready and anxious to bring a child into your family. If you're considering an older child adoption, then the first place to start the search for a child can be photolistings, which post pictures of kids up for adoption.

As you scroll through photolistings, you'll find plenty of cute smiles showing off lost teeth and endearing bios that give you a peephole-glimpse into the child's personality. Although the bios can be a little sparse and by no means have all of the essential information an adopter should have before finalizing an adoption, they're still helpful tools for those who are not sure of the kind of child they want. Bios also will not reveal any emotional trauma or development concerns that may have resulted from the child's pre-foster life. Adopters looking through the photolistings can request more information from the agency that posted the picture of the potential adoptee. Adopters should be realistic about the slim possibility that the exact child in the photolisting is still available for adoption. The posting may be old or many other adopters may have also requested more information. This isn't a big deal, seeing as all the adopters knew of the child was a photo and 100-word bio, but many adopters find photolistings frustrating because they subconsciously liken it to browsing a catalog.

One view through your state's photolisting, though, and you'll realize there will always been enough children in need of loving families.

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kristen - 8 months ago
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i may be only 17. but as i was looking at this website i have been seriously considering on adopting kids when i am older. i have read some of the profiles and some i wish i could adopt now :( #1
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We are Andrew and Kristen, hopeful adoptive parents who would love to get to know you. Our dream is to share a home full of love with your baby through adoption. [more]

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Demarcea (AR / 13 / M)
Demarcea is a handsome little boy with black hair and dark brown eyes. His favorite foods are chicken and pizza. He enjoys playing with stuffed animals and any kind of sports.... [more]

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