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Many people first experience the adoption community via commercials featuring footage of children from a far off orphanage. Their beautiful faces looking into the camera, transmitted to television stations and invited into your home entertainment system. For some people this experience may come long before they consider adoption or maybe it's what inspires them to consider adoption.

Although not completely like these commercials, pictures of children up for adoption are called photolistings and can have the an inspirational affect on someone looking to adopt. Photolistings exist for domestic infant and foster adoption and a few for international adoption. Most of the pictures of children up for adoption are posted by agencies and are accompanied by brief biographies on the featured children.

Although photolistings are full of beautiful, charming children they're ultimately limiting in what they offer. That doesn't mean they're not great resources for adopters to connect with local agencies. In fact, they're great for that. Browsing through photolistings is a productive means for a couple to recognize the kind of child they want to adopt. Coming into the adoption process understanding that older child adoption may mean raising a child with special needs or that it's possible to adopt siblings.

Keep in mind though that falling in love with a picture is unrealistic. There are thousands of children waiting for adoption and some of the listings may be outdated or inquired about by other hopeful parents.

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hannah - 2 years ago
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i was addopted i ts scarry at first but a kid knows when their loved they can sence who they want to be loved by kids are madse to be loved if you cant take care of uss then why have a kid in the first place #1

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Michael (GA / 15 / M)
Michael, born 7/99, is a bubbly and cheerful African American boy who enjoys riding his bike, playing video games, and watching TV. He also likes doing activities with others like... [more]

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