Pictures Of Babies For Adoption

There's never a shortage of pictures of babies for adoption. The cute, chubby little cherub cheeks and the occasional tuft of hair and curled fingers. It's hard not to fall in love with a photo as if one is flipping through the pages of an online catalog. While pictures of babies up for adoption, or photolistings, are helpful tools for an adoptive couple that may not know what kind of child they're looking to adopt, many couples fall into the trap of falling in love with one or two photos when the reality of that child being placed with them is very unlikely. Some photolistings are outdated and others are responded to by so many hopeful couples that photolistings should be used as examples of what kind of children are available for placement rather than ads for specific children.

Although photos are worth a thousand words, it's also important to note that the choice to adopt a certain child is much more complex. Very little can be known about babies, behaviorally and medically, and therefore baby photolistings may not be entirely educating. It's important to hone in on basic baby statistics, such as a child's Apgar score, which can give insight into the normalcy of the baby's reflexes.

So, cute gummy smiles and big, bright eyes aside, pictures of babies for adoption should be taken as guides into the possibilities of infant adoption rather than a point-and-pick approach.

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annette vallejo - 3 months ago
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hi my name is annette me and my husband have gotten pregnant 4 times and miscarried at 3 months very glad that their are adoptions agency because me and my husband are looking to adopt 2 babie boys and to give them a loving home and alot of love i have 4 living children and my little girl was taken from me when she was 15 she is in heaven now and my little husband does not have any children we are taking adoption classes and i pray to our dear lord that we get blessed with 2 little husband really wants to be a daddy he has helped raise his daughters kids and my grandkids and i no he will make a good loving father....we are from corpus christi texas #1
CRYSTAL - 11 months ago
0 9 9
nina - 11 months ago
0 6 8
we want to adopt a little newborn girl #3
jakara - 11 months ago
0 2 6
i want to adopt a baby #4
Pam Moore - 4 months ago
0 0 3
My husband and I would like to adopt a child but we are open to a toddler, twins, or siblings. We do not care if boy or girl the child or children will have 2 older brother and one older sister who are ready to spoil him or her rotten. I am 45 years old and my husband is 50 years old due to medical issues I was unable to have any other children. I have a ton of love to top give someone. Please help. #5
Brittany - 3 days ago
0 0 0
Hello my name is Brittany and I am 27 years old and my Husband Brian who is 33 are looking to adopt a baby girl or honestly which over path God leads use. Brian has two biological children and we are looking to give them a baby brother or sister. Brian and I have known each other for a little shy of 20 years been a couple for 7 years and out of those 7 years we been married for 4 years. I am happy to say we are each other's best friends. I am so thrilled to have found a place wear hopefully our dreams will come true. #6
vergina - 2 months ago
0 0 1
Pam - 3 months ago
How do I contact Sister Constance I see no email address? #8
kell - 2 months ago
I want a baby so bad somebody That I can love #9
stacey - 3 months ago
0 0 0
Hello my husband and I are desperately trying to adopt a baby girl. We have been through two failed adoption attempts which has left us devastated and heart broken. Please if you know of anyone contemplating adoption please let us know , we would love to speak with them. This would be our first child and I pray for that day my little angel comes home!!! Thank you #10
Sandra - 4 months ago
I have two girls and I want to adopt a baby we already have bibs ,toys ,and botillesand the perfect room please if there's some one out there awnser me and call xxxxx #11
Sheena - 3 months ago
0 0 0
Me and my husband of 6 yrs is wanting to adopt a male baby or toddler after misscarrig we have started to look into adoption #12
Ebony - 5 months ago
1 0 2
I think it's really good that adoption exist,because there are so many children in serious need. #13
Kelsey draper - 3 months ago
0 0 1
I would like a baby sister please and thanhyou #14
Guest - 3 months ago
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ilove chrildren and hate to see kids in care and would love to be able to help them all what ure doing is such a great thing id love to be ableto adopt/foster a baby boy xx #15
Maritza - 9 months ago
2 1 3
I'm 26 years old been married for over 8 years already an we have a 7 year old and we been wanting to grow ower family but we can't have a baby and we are doing so many research and phone calls on adopting and haven't had any luck were really looking to adopt 1 or 2 baby's and it's so sad to see all my sisters an brother with more the one kid and my lil girl been asking for a brother or sister I've been telling her soon really soon but I really would love to get more information regarding this. #16
joseph - 3 months ago
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me and my gay partner wont to have kids can you help plz we are loving and riley caring #17
lauren - 3 months ago
Hiya im 21 and i have pcos i have being tryin to have a baby for the past 2 year and havent had eny luck me and my boyfriend are now looking at adoptin chidren as there are meny kids with out a family and i have alot off love to give out . is there eny on that can help us have the family we want #18
carmelle - 3 months ago
I want to adopt a new born. #19
serena - 2 months ago
1 1 1
im a single women looking to adopt a child #20

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