No Cost Adoption

Most adoption fees can be as low as $5,000 and reach up to $40,000. While there's no way to put a price tag on the what it means to be able to come out of the adoption process with a child, couples looking to start a family are not always in a position to spend copious amounts of money to search for a birth mother or to travel overseas for their child. Avoiding any kind of adoption fees will be impossible, but there are some ways to approach the adoption process without having to drain your savings.

Public adoption, referring to an adoption made through a public agency, is sometimes called free or no cost adoption. Public agencies, are those that are government-run and place children from the U.S. foster care system. To adopt through a public agency requires a home study, which can cost a few thousand dollars that may be reimbursed by state or federal subsidies. Most children adopted from a public agency have special needs and the government may offer aid for medical needs if negotiated before the adoption is finalized.

No cost adoption can also come in the form of a private agency, however this is rate. An agency with special interests, such as a religious or ethnic affiliation, may have lower fees than other private agencies handling infant adoption. Although the adoption will have some fees, it appears to be of no cost by comparison.

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