National Adoption Registry

Many states have their own form of search and reunion registry, be it mutual consent, search and consent or open records. These registries are free to use but are bound by the borders of the state. Various Internet registries have made it possible to search worldwide for your birth parent, adopted child or birth sibling. Some databases are more accurate than others and the process can be overwhelming and disappointing if handled poorly.

The National Adoption Registry is a mutual consent search and reunion registry that accepts registration from almost any searching party available. Because it is a mutual consent registry, it will only be able to find a match to a search if both parties have voluntarily registered. The database matches people based on an algorithm that is then cross-checked. The National Adoption Registry claims on its website that it never releases the news of a possible match until it is thoroughly investigated. Once a match is found, the National Adoption Registry will contact both parties and provide basic contact info about the party they've been searching for. After that, the National Adoption Registry does not continue to facilitate contact.

There is a small fee just under $40 to use the registry. It's a one-time fee. The registry will continue to look as long as a searcher wishes.

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Erik - 7 months ago
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My legal name is Erik Paul Mielzarek (that name was given to me by my adopted parents). I was adopted near my birth date of August 11th, 1971. I was born at Cafritz Memorial Hospital In Washington, DC. My adopted parents are listed on my birth certificate. I was born at 327am. That's ALL I know. I am currently, petitioning the DC court for my OBC (my current BC is dated a few weeks after my birth). I am also petitioning the Prince George County (MD) Orphan Court-I am apparently listed in that system, so I must have passed through there at some point. #1
Rachel - 3 weeks ago
I was born 10/8/1980 in Fredricksburg VA. I was adopted 12/5/80. Adoption was through Bethany Christian Services. I was born 2:25am at Mary Washington Hospital. I have been told by a stranger that I must have a sister then he told me he met her in Fredricksburg VA!! My Biological Mothers mom was in accounting and her father was military. #2
Robert Stacy - 7 months ago
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Born August 15, 1968 at TMC in Tucson Arizona, looking for my birth Mother and or Father. Dr. Dameon Rafael OB/GYN My birth mother, Susan Phillips, contacted me in the early 1990's and I lost her information. #3
Lydia - 3 weeks ago
Looking for info on birth parents. Born 12/31/1961 most likely in North Carolina. Was adopted through Children's Home Society in Greensboro, NC. #4
Mary - 8 months ago
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Looking for birth family of William Jason Lamb, birthdate 3/3/68 #5
kristina bode - 7 months ago
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I am searching for any info. I am an adoptee. dob 10/11/1969 Terra Haute Indiana #6
Mindi - 7 months ago
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I was born in Boise, Idaho on 9/9/1969 at St. Alphonsus Hospital and I'm looking for my birth mother. #7
Gail - 7 months ago
Looking for daughter born July 6th, 1970 at St Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK. Dr William Bond was the OB/GYN #8
Bonnie - 7 months ago
Looking for Son born Nov 17 1970 in Albuquerque NM Looking for my Mom I was born Jan 12 1979 Boston General MA her last name Mcdougal #9
kelly - 8 months ago
@mary is william jason lamb his birth name or adopted name? #10
Debbie - 8 months ago
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My son was born on 4/18/1991 in Houston, Texas. His birthmother's name is Tiffany. We would like to get in contact. #11
Monica - 8 months ago
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Was born in Ogden, Utah April 13th 1968 looking for any birth family #12
Traci - 9 months ago
Has a sister born in Feb 1970 in St Petersburg, Fla. Looking for her. #13
ashley - 9 months ago
was born at ea Conway on aug 1st on 1989 to nina smith davis #14
Michael - 8 months ago
was born in Norwich, NY on October 6,1970 #15

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