Mixed Race Adoption

Most agencies try to match adopters with children of their own ethnic backgrounds and complexions but some adoptions may result in "mixed race" families, which is more commonly referred to as transracial adoptions. Mixed race families are becoming more socially accepted, however that doesn't mean mixed race adoption is the same as any other post-adoption lifestyle. Many transracial adoptions require a lot of extra work on the parents' behalf.

If a family adopts a Native American child, for example, the parents are expected to get the child involved in his or her tribal activities, religious beliefs and traditions. Children that are learning English as a second language may need additional tutoring and attention and exposure to their culture as a means to keep them connected to their born identity. Although some organizations stand against all transracial adoption, calling it cultural genocide, the Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994 keeps race from being a hindrance in any state-funded adoption process. Some private agencies, however, may move biracial couples seeking a transracial adoption more quickly than a Caucasian couple seeking a transracial adoption.

Couples considering transracial adoption may need to ask themselves honestly if they have friends of the child's racial background and if their immediate relatives would be supportive of the adoption. This may be particularly important as the child matures.

At the end of the day, mixed race adoption leads to a family and contributes to a society still learning to grow in tolerance.

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