Looking For Birth Mother

If you're looking for your birth mother as an adoptee, you have a few search options available to you after you're a legal adult. There are also other ways to go about looking for a birth mother.

One way to search, although it is a passive form of searching, is to find and register with one's state registry. The way these registries work is by mutual consent. If a birth mother and an adoptee both register, thereby giving their consent, to the release of the sealed adoption record, both parties will be notified. When an adoption record is unsealed, the adoptee will be able to access identifying information about his or her birth mother and, possibly, father.

More active ways of looking for a birth mother include turning to online databases, where people can independently register themselves and look through other registrants' profiles. Adoptees can also hire Search Angels, which is the title of volunteers who help connect adoptees looking for their birth mother, father, sibling or relative.

Hiring a private investigator is also an option as is petitioning the courts to allow a confidential intermediary to access an adoption record and facilitate communication between an adoptee and birth mother.

International adoptees looking for their birth mother are more likely to have a difficult time than domestic adoptees. There are, however, organizations and search groups that have experience conducting international searches.

Not all searches will yield a reunion or meeting between an adoptee and birth mother. However, you never know unless you try. Finding a support group to help with the emotional consequences of searching is suggested by most adoption professionals.

... Rita Kellner Non-ID info: Mother: 22,maiden name/maybe Posner or Pozner/states she was a housewife Father: ... Posted: 28-Jul-2013 | [View Full Details] 19779. SNIDER : Helping my son in law. He was born in Boise on September 13, 1979, and adopted quickly by a wonderful family.

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HEMBREE : Female born March 22, 1967 in Indianapolis, Ind. looking for birth parents or relatives. Was born at City Hospital in Marion County. The only information I have is my birth mother may have been 19 yr ...

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John Brigham - 2 months ago
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I was born in Hartford Hospital in Hartford CT. My biological name was John Polansky. I was adopted when I was 1 year old by my adopted parents Mr. Paul S. Brigham and Theresa A. Brigham, they passed away. I would like to be able to meet my biological parents, siblings and relatives. Please help me with this matter. My case manager, can receives any information regarding this matter. I gladly appreciated any information. Worker name is Mrs. Brenda Sanchez. #1
Guest - 1 year ago
0 1 2
Looking for birth mother from Arizona. Phoenix or possibly Globe. Male DOB March 19,1973. I'm mixed black/hispanic. Birth cert. says mother usual residence Gila county,Globe,AZ but my adopted mother has never been there. cert also said born @ Good sam medical center at 4:13 pm. #2
Sierra Lowe - 3 weeks ago
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Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, raised in Parkersburg, West Virginia, I am looking for my mother. She has not been in my life since I was about 8, and I need answers, I need my momma. I love her no matter the answer to my questions, I just need to find her, I miss her! #3
april - 2 weeks ago
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I am searching for my brothers and sisters my dads name is Richard and my moms name is charlotte. I have medical information that is important to them also my sister and I have been looking for them as they are a part of our family. #4
charles custer - 2 months ago
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im looking for my birth mother I was born on January 9th 1960 in queens new York she was a nursing student I am in la jolla California thank you #5
leslie - 2 months ago
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i am looking for my birth mother , was told her name was anne burella , i was born august 12 1957 in norfolk va.please contact me #6
Susan Watkins - 5 months ago
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Looking for siblings. Born in or near Butte Montana. Mother name is Charleen father name Donald Porter. I have a sister and brother I'm looking for. Johnny was born in 1961. Gidget born in 1962. xxxx #7
Carla - 7 months ago
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Hi, I'm looking for my birth mother in Seattle. I was born December 29, 1967, Virginia Mason Hospital, Lynn M Harrow. Address on BC is 48th Ave in Seattle. #8
Charlene - 1 year ago
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I am the birth mother that Sabrina is looking for. I have been searching for you ever since may 1992 when you were a forced adoption, I did not sign papers for you to be given up , I believe the legal aid lawyer copied my signature from when I had ti sign to get her to help me with the legal issues of me trying to keep you away from the vabeach social services,your step father and out of foster care and it did not work for us. I have never abandoned you even if this is what you have been told it is not true I pray for you every day and night. I used to have 3 different last names 1st one was the one I was born with was Townsley 2nd one was miller was my 1st marriage no children by this husband 2nd marriage was Schneider one child born of this marriage and now I am have the last name of my 3rd marriage, Irwin two children born of this marriage. Love forever your first mom Charlene Ann Irwin and I do have a facebook account #9
Guest - 8 months ago
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Hi my name is Kari Belin I am born in Shiprock NM I am looking for my birth mother I was told her name might be Rena Lee not sure I am half Navajo and half hispanic .I am now 30 years old #10
Samantha Katz - 8 months ago
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My name is Samantha Katz. I was born on December 27, 1988. My birth mothers name is Tammy Hayes. I was born in a hospital in Queens, New York. #11
amy - 8 months ago
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I was born dec. 22 1970 in oh looking for birth mother #12
janet Riley aka Jeanette Jonhson - 9 months ago
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I''m the birth mother of three kids that went in the system in new York city my son Christopher born in 1988 noel born on Christmas 1989 or 1990 and a girl crystal born 1990 or 1991 l was on drugs but l am saved in the church and l've been looking for my kids thank you #13
Jamie - 8 months ago
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My mother was born September 23,1961 in OKC,OK. We are looking for birth family. We were told that parents had 6 kids. #14
Darcy Lynn - 8 months ago
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I was born 7-17-1983 in Lexington Ky. mother is unknown but I do know I have a sister and mother liked barrel racing!!!! Darcy Lynn was my name from her but was changed to Renee by adoptive parents. #15
Gabrielle - 8 months ago
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I was born DECEMBER 27th, 1976, in Etobicoke Ontario. My birth mothers name was Brenda Boulay, I have a sister and brother who do not know about me. If you know anything please contact me xxxx #16
Catherine - 1 year ago
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This might seem a bit late for me to be looking for my birth mother but I am 51 years old and I was adopted back in July 1962 and my adopted parents took me home in August. I would love to find my birth mother if she is alive still. I was born in Richmond Va at Retreat For the Sick Hospital. Not sure if that is what it was called back then. I don't even know what her name is. #17
MICHAEL S - 9 months ago
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IM looking for birth mother / family 06/21/1959 I was adopted 1961 our lady of victory in Lackawanna NY Please contact me on FACEBOOK #18
shirley Garcia - 1 year ago
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I adopted my son 28yrs ago my son is looking for his birthmother his name is DANTE ANDRES RAYMOND he was born in Colorado in 1983 to a woman by the ROBIN LYNN HILL, MY SON NEEDS CLOSURES He has found one sibling so far, this is adopted MOTHER asking for help for any information. #19
my name is Annie Christine Smith it qas. - 9 months ago
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I was adaped inthe year of 79 0r80 I'm 40years old now my birthday is july 7/3/73my birthmother. was sixteen when she had me i have a stepbrother i would like to meet_ #20
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