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Finding kids available for adoption begins with knowing the kind of adoptions available to you. At the base, there are domestic and international adoptions, or, the base can be thought of in terms of age. There is infant adoption and older child adoption.

Within the domestic range of adoption, infant adoption is among the most desired for first-time parents. Infants are usually involved in placement plans prior to his or her birth. Little can be known about the child before and even after the birth, so that placement process is more focused on getting to know the birth mother (depending on how open the adoption is). Finding kids available for adoption as infants can be facilitated by an attorney or through an agency. For older children available for adoption, prospective parents may want to locate and contact their local public agencies.

Public agencies are government-run. Over 100,000 American children are waiting for adoption through public agencies. These children range in ages below a year to just under 21. Kids available for adoption from public agencies may be found through photolistings, in which a child's bio and photo will be posted to help adopters gauge the kind of kids available for adoption.

International adoptions can take place from many countries outside the U.S., although adopting from those that are not Hague Convention certified may be more difficult or less ethical. These children will generally be older than two years and may have had various experiences in foster homes, orphanages or institutions.

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Utillis has a big, wonderful smile. Initially, he is a shy, quiet, and soft spoken youth. Though he is shyer with adults, he can be quite chatty with peers and friends. ... [more]

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