Infant Adoption Photolistings

Let's face it, it's hard to tell much about a baby from its face. And a baby's bio may also not be the most telling, seeing as infants (usually defined as children between 0 and 2 years old) may not do much more than observe and interact with its surroundings. You won't know much about the child's personality and often any medical problems are still theoretical and may not show for years to come.

Photolistings aren't necessarily catalogs of available children as much as a great tool for couples to see just how many different children are out there and to find what kind of child they want to bring into their family. That doesn't mean finding the perfect child, though, and infant photolistings may seem misleading because of the unpredictability of what a child will be like when he or she matures. To ensure a couple is asking the right kind of infant adoption questions, they should consider the baby's Apgar score and suggest certain screening tests of the infant's neurological ability. Seeking a medical history is another good way that parents can try to predict whether or not an infant will have special needs, however, there's almost no telling about the infant's prenatal care and the effect it may have had. As with biological childbirth, infant adoption is unpredictable.

Couples should also try to not set their hopes on a single infant adoption photolisting. Many, many other couples are probably just as excited to know more about a particular baby and at the end of the day, there can only be one adoptive home.

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22. Completed adoption file and home study will be reviewed by Mr. Wurster. 23. Applicants will have a face to face or telephone conference meeting with the Director following the completion of the home study process. 24. ...

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