How To Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant requires more than just good (or bad) luck. It also requires more than a moonstone and housewife remedies. Sure, some people make it sound so easy. But, in reality, it can take many healthy couples up to a year to get pregnant. If you're wondering how to get pregnant, you'll need to get in tune with a few signs your body's telling you.

Ovulation is a key factor in getting pregnant. This is when a woman's ovary releases an egg for fertilization. It generally occurs two weeks after the first day of her last period. Around this time, a woman's body will begin to discharge a clear, slippery secretion. Near the end of the ovulation period, it will become cloudy and sticky. Another way to predict ovulation is to pay attention to an increase body temperature right after you wake up in the mornings.

To increase fertility the Mayo Clinic suggests regular intercourse, particularly during ovulation. The clinic also suggests avoiding the overuse of alcohol and tobacco products and to take vitamins. Overexercising and the use of certain lubricants can also negatively affect the chances of conception.

Having unprotected sex is obviously important to getting pregnant. If you're under 30 and have been trying to get pregnant for a year, the Mayo Clinic suggests talking to a health care provider about fertility tests and treatments. Women and men over 35 should try to conceive for at least six months before consulting their health care provider about fertility tests and treatments.

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22 Answers 69 Helpful Votes 1 Follower. Q. How long after your period do u ovulate being off birth control for 2 months.trying to get pregnant.been on pill for 6mo. A. Some women get pregnant right after going off the pill and it may take others a longer time.

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