How To Find Adopted Sibling

Sometimes, adoptions result in the separation of birth siblings. This may be something that happens later in life, for example siblings in foster care may be split up. Other siblings may have been separated by adoption years before the other was born or at the time a younger sibling was born.

The person who chooses to search may be a sibling who grew up with the adoptee's birth parents. Maybe they're trying to reconcile one of their last familial ties after the birth parents have passed. Or maybe they are curious about a hereditary disease they and the adoptee may share. Regardless of the reason to search, the results can sometimes be shocking and less satisfactory than one's ideals. It's highly suggested that anyone who decides to search for a birth relative first joins a support group for searching adoptees and birth relatives.

As for the actual process, searchers should register with their state's registry. Then, they may want to contact the agency they were adopted from. International sibling searches are going to be more complex and there are certain organizations that specialize in specific country searches for adoptees. If the adoption was of a domestic infant, then an children the adoptee's birth parents had prior to the adoption would be listed in the sealed adoption record. It may indicate basic information about the child, such as his or her age and gender.

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Amanda - 8 months ago
0 0 8
Ive heard off an on for years that I had a sibling that my parents didn't keep I just recently got in contact with my birth father myself who final let me know that yes I do have a sibling out there she or he was born in 1988 right around September I don't have much to go on I just want to find out more they were born in.Oragune the adopted patents lived in California that as much as I know if anyone can help me find out more I creatly a prechate it thank you #1
Nyasia - 2 months ago
0 0 2
I have just recently found out by my father that I have a sister that I never knew about it. My parents gave her up for a adoption when I was young. I have no idea where to start and I do not know anything about her except she is around 18 years of age. Please help #2
Charlee Charlene Marie Armstrong - 1 week ago
0 0 0
Hi. My name is Charlee c. I was born March 27 1981. My mother named me Charlene, but I chose my name for myself when I was 6. I was a newborn when I was given to the state. I don't want to know my birth mom anymore than I do already – I just want to learn about my siblings. Did they live good lives? Have they found happiness? Would they like to know about me? Am I the only sibling left? I have never done this before. What information is necessary to get the ball rolling and, hopefully, get me reunited with my long-lost family? I know a few things about my birth mom. Her name is Ladonna Pearl Brundage. My birth name was Charlene Marie Gonzalez, I was born in Orange County, California. I was raised in fostercare in Riverside, CA. I was taken away from the foster home at age six. Let's say they did not treat me with love or kindness. I remember 3 others who were like me living in fostercare. I also remember a teenage girl who took care of me as much as she could. If she reads this I wou #3
Chrissie - 4 weeks ago
0 0 0
My husband and I are looking for his brother Johnny. They were both given up for adoption in north providence RI in 1963. He's not sure when Johnny Langton Ottaviano was /was not adopted. Johnny's dob is 5/2/1960. Ri opened birth certificates to adoptees and we found his moms obituary which led us to his 2 other siblings in about 5 minutes. His sister told him that he has a brother Johnny that we are desperate to find, any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll pray for all to find their adopted loved ones if it is meant to be. My husbands reunion with his family thus far has proved to be a wonderful thing that has brought joy into our lives. Best Wishes to all!!! #4
Maggie - 2 days ago
0 0 0
Looking for adopted sibling from austin, tx with last name possibly Garcia and born around Easter in 1985. Family knew birth mother and adopted from her as she was an employee to the family of the family who adopted him. I believe it was an open adoption and dawley was the birth last name. Fingers crossed! #5
Nanci - 1 month ago
0 0 0
I'm looking for my sister that was adopted out at 3 days old. I was told her birthday is 03/13/1953, born at Maywood (Ca)General Hospital - Baby Geiss. I was told by my aunt that the name given her was Cynthia Ann Homes. That's all I know. There are/have been serious medical issues with our DNA and our parents are deceased. I've always wanted to meet her and have a relationship with her. I haven't found her yet. If you know of this person or can assist me in finding her my email is xxxx. Thanks you and God Bless #6
Aushze - 5 days ago
0 0 0
I have an older brother who was born in chico california, in '89 i think. His name is Andrew and my mom gave him to a good family when she was 14. I've seen his baby pictures and I know he had blondish hair when he was about 2. I have know idea where his parents live, I do know that they lived in southern california when they adopted him, I think. #7
Isabel - 1 week ago
0 0 0
I just found out that before I was born my mother lost three children. The oldests name is Christopher John Zamzow and he was born on June 5, 1995. The second one is Alexis Patrice Zamzow born on December 15, 1994. The last one is Brandy Nicole Zamzow born sometime in September. #8
Margaret - 3 weeks ago
0 0 0
I am looking for a half-sister my mother had before she married-my mom's name was Jene Patricie Pitts-she was in school at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. This would have been in 1941 or 1942. I do not know anything else. Are you out there sister? #9
lisa VanVorous - 3 weeks ago
0 0 0
I'm looking for a half brother who was born in Tacoma, Wa in the late 40s or early 50s. My mom loved him, butwas un-wed and the story goes, the dad left her. My moms name was Tuttle. I have no idea how or where to start. He did find her in 90s but it was too painful for her. His name is Steven. Can someone steer me in right direction? Thank you. I can be reached at xxxx #10
Jaci Wright - 2 months ago
0 0 0
I'm looking for any siblings that had Allen Dale Wright as their father. I was told that while he was in the military, he got a gal pregnant that had twin girls. I'm not sure if it was while he was in Korea or Japan but would have been 1xxxxx. I was also told during that time he and girlfriend /wife gave up for adoption - 2 children. Also in the time period listed. They would have been born in California. Southern California - I think and their mom's name was Lorraine. But that's all I know. Please contact me if this info fits you. Thanks! xxxx #11
kiisha - 4 weeks ago
0 0 0
Im looking for my brother clyde allen who was adopted at the age of 3 he is between the age of 21-24 give or take I cant remember how many years apart we are... cps removed him from my grandmothers who we wr all placed with because I told them she abused him.. not knowing I would never see him again #12
Traci - 2 days ago
0 0 0
I have a little sister born Feb 1970 in St Petersburg Fla, adopted at birth. #13
Jade - 3 days ago
0 0 0
I'm looking for my half-brother who was born Kieran Alexander William Bailey, Our birth father was named Richard Bailey and died 27 February 2002, would really like to get in touch! #14
Laurel - 1 month ago
0 0 0
I am looking for a sister who was put up for adoption. She tried to find us about 10 years ago but my brother in Chicago may have discouraged her search. The surname is Mauk. This woman was born between 1xxxxx, either in Clark County IL or Edgar County IL. The birth mother is Kathryn Gibbons Mauk and father is Wiliam Mauk. It is possible that the birth mother could have been an aunt. Mary Ellen Mauk or Carolyn Mauk. We are looking for you sister! #15
Gidget - 5 days ago
0 0 0
I am looking for a brother my parents gave up in Orlando Florida. I believe he was born on July 20, 1969, The day man landed on the moon, at orange memorial hospital. I was told that my mom gave him the name Adam. #16
Guest - 6 days ago
0 0 0
I have 2 siblings that were adopted and I would love to find them. They were born Kristy Lively (4/19/75) and Jesse Lively (6/1976) at UT Hospital in Knoxville, TN. I have heard a family in Johnson City TN adopted them. #17
irene - 6 days ago
0 0 0
I want to find my older brother , i havent seen him since i was around 1 i found out from my mother that he was adopted because of some issues. im 14 years old and i miss him to death, i really want to meet him and have a relationship help me ? #18
Linda - 1 month ago
0 0 0
I am looking for my sister who was born on Mother's Day in either 1960 or 1961. I believe she had red hair and her adopted parents named her Marilyn. Her birth mother's name was Margaret H Jensen and her older sister's are twins. I am one of the twins. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Thank you. #19
Jane - 1 week ago
0 0 0
ISO a sibling who was removed by cps and my mother never regained custody. DOB 10/23/1975 male birth name was Jeremy. Biological mothers name Rose, or possibly Rosemary #20
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