Grandchild Adoption

The younger the birth mother, the more compelled her own parents (the child's birth grandparents) may be to raise both the birth mother and her child. Their daughter has every right to choose how she wants to handle an unplanned pregnancy. If she chooses adoption or to try to raise the child herself, there's a good chance that the birth grandparents will end up with custody of the child.

If the birth grandparents decide they want to rear the child themselves, whether from infancy or later in life, the process is generally informal in comparison to stepparent adoption. Sometimes this is called "kinship adoption." This is seen as a favorable alternative by Child Protective Services to placing the child into the foster system. Millions of children, more than those adopted, live with grandparents or relatives. Financial benefits, such as health care, may factor into the decision to bring the child into the parents' legal custody.

The legal process for grandchild adoption requires the parent or parents' rights be terminated. A new birth certificate will be issued with the grandparents' names listed at the child's parents.

Grandchild adoption can be tricky later in life, however, it keeps the child with family and in some ways the grandparents are perceived as the family members on which the family's unity relies as they symbolize tradition and family roots.

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Arvetta - 2 years ago
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my mother adopted my son when he was almost two years old when he was 4yrs old my mom gave him back to me and he has been living with me for almost 3 yrs now what can i do to get custody back of my child #1
Sandra - 10 months ago
3 0 8
We have had legal guardianship of our granddaughter since she was 18 months old she is now 8 her mom hasn't seen her since she was 3 and her dad(our son) hasn't had any contact with her in over 2 yrs. how do we file for legal adoption? What are our rights? We live in Illinois. #2
Michelle - 2 years ago
1 3 7
Im looking for my daughter Chloe Higgins born October 3, 2000 in Broward county. Northwest regional hospital. I know she's young right now only 13. I jst want it get this out there just in case she starts looking. Please, Chloe I love you. I know right now your thinking my mom didn't love me and that's far from the truth. I would love to hear from you and PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE NOT MY DAUGHTER? ONLY MY DAUGHTER CAN EMAIL ME? Thanks for understanding #3
Carolyn - 2 months ago
0 0 1
My mother has custody of my 9 year old grandson who has been living with me going on 5 years now. His father is my son. Id like to get custody from my mother and adopt him how do I go about doing that? and also Im on a fixed income so I don't have money to hire a lawyer. Is there help for me? #4
Laura - 2 months ago
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I need assistants in adopting my 3 grandchildren ,they have lived with me most of their life . The first time almost 4 years and now again since August of last year. My daughter got up and left one day because of drugs for the second time and the father lives 6 miles away and comes to see them maybe 1 every coupe of mos. and thinks he has the right to call himself a dad. I get no help from state and I work 40 hrs or more weekly I do not have any extra money to speak of I really need help so the addict mother can not come and take them and the rude mannered father does not act stupid He is an alcoholic n can not even take care of himself and does not work. I have no support from anyone. #5
Velma - 2 years ago
0 4 4
My granddaughter is 15 I adopted her 5 years ago she wants to live with her Dad I think its a good plan but I want to make sure its legal I live in Michigan His rights was terminated because he was unable to care for himself at the time,The Mom was the reason she got taken away, My sos works hard and has been in my granddaughter since the adoption can you help. #6
Robin - 8 months ago
0 0 1
Gm! I have 7 children.... That I raised... But I also have a 23 yr old daughter... Who has special needs!! And she has a 4yr. Old son.... Who's just been told that he is.. Artistic.... She loves him... But her and the baby's father... Said they can't take care of him.... There both special..... I need some help..... I want to do what's best for my grandson... I had him with me... Since march of 2014..... #7
dana - 1 year ago
0 0 2
my nice and nephew was taking by the state my dad had custody and lost it because of his ex wife and her healthy they are now adopted by the people they was with can my dad get the kids back after they have been adopted and they move to florida #8
Guest - 2 months ago
I really need assistance with adopting my grand child #9
Randy - 2 months ago
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My wife and I are seeking guardianship of our grandchild due to our daughters life style . We are wondering is there any finical assistance out ther for him after this is completed? #10
lenda - 7 months ago
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looking for my granddaughter, Joshniqu Smedley born Sept 7, 1993 Sacramento, Ca. #11
Debbie - 12 months ago
0 1 1
Jackie I'm going through the same thing I've had my grandson since he was 8 months old he will be 3 in July it turns out he is Autistic and he considers this his home we want to adapt him to but don't know where to start. #12
Kitty - 7 months ago
0 1 0
My son was forced to put his daughter up for adoption 18 years ago and I would love to find her. She has an uncle,cousin and half brother in addition to me. Where do I start? #13
Anon - 9 months ago
1 2 1
My stepson was taken away from my husband and adopted by his grandparents and now they dont want him and they get a check every month for him. What can we do to get custody back and prevent them from still collecting the checks? #14

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