Giving A Child Up For Adoption

If you're seeing an unplanned pregnancy to term but are unsure if you have the resources available to raise a child as a single parent, you may consider giving the child up for adoption. This is a choice made by many birth mothers who want the chance to continue their education and get their life under control before starting a family. Although, the decision to give a child up for adoption is difficult it is a way for all parties to get a second chance at a life they're most-prepared for.

There are three ways a birth parent can give a child up for adoption. If the woman is still pregnant, she may choose to work with a private adoption agency or independently with an attorney or facilitator. About two-thirds of infant adoptions are done independently. A birth parent can also give a child up for adoption by surrendering him or her to an emergency center. The child will be taken into the foster care system. A parent can do this without federal or state retribution.

It is more beneficial for a child to be placed for adoption while younger because the majority of prospective parents are looking for younger children and infants. Younger children are also less likely to have emotional or behavioral issues resulting from their placement in an adoptive family. Older children can spend up to two years in foster homes before being placed.

However, if this is the best decision for a birth parent or expectant birth mother, then he or she should seek counseling from their health care provider on which mode of adoption will work best for their situation.

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