Free Child Adoption

There are over 120,000 children in the U.S. foster system ready to be placed in permanent homes. Although these adoptions are often referred to as "public adoptions," they're also termed "free child adoption" due to the large amount of federal and state aid and reimbursements allocated to offset up to $2,000 in public adoption fees. This can include expenses such as attorneys, homestudies and travel costs. Free child adoption may also appeal to couples who want an older child and may not have the budget to adopt through a private agency or internationally, both of which can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars.

A free adoption is usually only free if a child has special needs, as many of the children in the foster system do. This means applying for Medicaid or Social Security Insurance to cover some of the adoptee's health care bills.

Free child adoption is something that can be negotiated with a public agency, which will familiarize an adoptive couple with state requirements and whether a child is eligible for medical aid through the Federal Title IV-E Adoption Assistance program or various loans, grants, Medicaid, Social Security Insurance, or State-awarded Title XX assistance.

Free child adoption may not be as free as it appears, though, and potential adoptive parents shouldn't be only attracted to the "price tag." A free child adoption is usually the most possible by adopting a foster child with special needs, meaning they may require more patience, time and medical aid than another adoptive child.

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tanya santiago - 1 year ago
0 4 11
i want a baby so bad i had a mis carage at 16 when i did the doctor that done it was only sopost to deliver babies not do a dnc so when he did that he messed my insides up and aint been able to have kids since i want a baby girl to love a care for #1
Kristina - 7 months ago
0 0 3
My husband and I live in a nice area in California in a town house and are looking to adopt. I am infertile and we both long to have a baby of our own to love and care for. Gender, health problems, special needs; it doesn't matter. We will love our baby no matter what, unconditionally and care for them endlessly. I'm praying this will happen for us. Please email me if you can help #2
Sonika - 1 year ago
0 2 4
I have 2children but I want one more new baby but kuch with my health ishuu I can not censure so I want a new born boy #3
Courtney Vess - 2 months ago
0 0 0
Me and my husband have been married for almost two years now I was recently diagnosed with (pcos) polycystic ovarian syndrome. We have tried for almost 2 years to get pregnant the struggle and the heartbreak has taking a toll....a baby would make our lives complete #4
Asong - 3 weeks ago
Hi to every body and on behalf of the Asong family in Cameroon,I wish to inform the public that the family have a child to give out for adoption.Any family that can show love and car for the child should contact the family..Thanks *(xxxx) #5
saleana - 3 months ago
why they say u cant sell human but all the sdoption fee are practely selling humans I wish I had the money to adopt a baby me and my hubby canthave kids we been married 14 yr and would love to have a child because I have diabetise and my doc say it ot a goo ideal for me to have a natural child casue it one reson I keep missing carry #6
Guest - 2 months ago
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I am a 33 year old single women . Can i adopt a child or infant? #7
Apache lantz - 3 months ago
0 0 0
My fiancé and I have tried for many months to have a child. I did get pregnant however I had a miscarriage early in my pregnancy. We just found out that I am not able to have a child. We are looking to adopt a baby girl under 6 months. Leaning more towards closed adoption, I have a 4 year old neice who I occasionally keep and I don't want her confused . Please let me know if anyone can help us start our family. #8
Clarissa - 2 months ago
0 0 0
I want a free new born baby because I can't have kids and I am in a wheelchair and on SSI in come so please help me adopted a free child with my fencea #9
Mitzi - 3 months ago
0 0 0
I want anither baby so much that my own daughter has been praying to God for me to get a baby. If I can get a baby my daughter would be so happy that she finally got a sibling to play with! #10
alex moore - 2 months ago
0 0 0
I want to adopt a child #11
Meghan - 3 months ago
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I want to adopt a child that has down syndrome they are so special in many ways and I always wanted kids if there is any kids with down syndrome out there I want to adopt them please. Love Meghan #12
Amy - 7 months ago
0 0 0
I want a baby don't care what it is im not able to have kids.. But ive worked with children my hole life would love to have a baby.. #13
christy able - 1 year ago
2 1 3
Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby for six years. So we have decided to adop and plus still try to have kids we want three baby's. #14
Kiara - 7 months ago
0 0 0
I have a one year old and am looking to adopting a baby boy or girl so that I can give him or her all the love and care they deserve and also give him or her a big brother or little brother they would love #15
Sydney - 7 months ago
0 1 0
My husband and I have a beautiful baby boy named Jackson. However, we are interested in helping a child find a family instead of contributing to the worlds overpopulation. We would love a baby girl and once my husband is out of school am looking for a baby under 6 months. Leaning more towards closed adoption so that my son will not get confused. #16
tara flynn - 5 months ago
0 1 0
My baby died #17
Abbey - 8 months ago
1 0 0
Growing up I had a friend who was in the foster care, she hates it cause it made her feel like she wasn't loved like a child should be . I have learned so mic from her witch is why to this day I want to adopt a child. I am 19 as of now so when the time comes and I'm of age I would love to adopt a child and love them as if they came from me . ! Can't wait to give a child the life they deserve ! #18
anonymous - 7 months ago
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My husband and I are looking to adopt in the state's but looking for anyone whose searching for a private an open adoption process. Please message me. #19

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