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Free adoption records is a term that works two-fold. In adoptee activism, "free adoption records" is a sought-after goal for adoptees in 44 states that keep tight reign on certain adoption records, like birth certificates. Free adoption is also a term used synonymously with public or state adoption. Free adoption records are no different than other adoption records. All adoption records are filed with the state, however, some agencies that facilitated an adoption may have a copy and be able to help with reuniting adoption parties. This isn't the case with free adoption records.

Most states will allow nonidentifying information to be released to an inquiring party with very little paperwork and petitioning. Nonidentifying information will include basic health information and descriptive information on a birth relative. Other states require different levels of voluntary and mutual consent before identifying information is revealed. Certain documents, like pre-adoption birth certificates or the names of an adoptees birth parents are more difficult to retrieve and many states require enrollment and facilitation by a state registry for identifying information.

There are only six states that allow adoptees to access original birth certificates - a hotly contested issue by some adoptees who feel discriminated against and that it's their right to have "open record" rights regardless of their state of adoption, which they feel is out of their control and chosen for, not by, them. Only 10 percent of American adoptees have the opportunity to access their birth certificates freely, according to the Adoptee Rights Coalition.

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Kayley - 1 year ago
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I was adopted from Saint Petersburg, Russia and was born 1999. I know little about my birth parents besides my mothers potential first and last name. Latonya Bogdanova, if in fact that's how you spell it. I would really appreciate a free way to see a picture, birthdate, or profile of any sort. #1
kimberly(maybe born jennifer?) nichole - 4 days ago
aug 2 1985 I just was wondering about my parent(s) and think Maybe I was adopted or raised by other family or something haven't been able to pin point anything for sure but seems like I just don't fit anywhere in my family they treat me different. my hair color doesn't make a lot of sense and it was kinda like I was dropped off and raised by well its just strange. just thought if I knew for sure maybe I wouldn't have to feel so much rejection cuz then it would make sense cuz I wasn't really theirs? if that makes sense ? I just wanna know who I am. so I can continue being me a little more wholesomely. thanks for listening xxxx #2
MARY - 1 year ago
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My son was born Sept. 6,1970.Would love for a reunion with him as he has been in my thoughts and in my prayers forever since that day.I pray before I die I will have this opportunity to meet him and to see what a fine young man he grew up to be. BY Mary. #3
Rachel - 8 months ago
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My daughter was born 1981. Adopted by angel guardian foster agency here birth name: Fatima Asia McFadden.. #4
Kimberly lee - 9 months ago
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I am looking for my bother or sister who was born a day before me. I found a picture of her/hI'm with my mom on August 15th 1995 but she won't give me any answers to who it is so I want to try N find him/here #5
Sarah - 3 months ago
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I was adopted in 2001, born in 1998. I want to find my birth mother, I don't know her name or much about her. I know my real name I was born with Leticia Bartolone. I would love to meet my mom, I have questions that I want answered. I just want to see her #6
Charles - 9 months ago
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I was born on Dec.05, 1938 in Alamo, Crockett county Tennessee civil district 7 RFD 1 and was adopted 3 days later. It wasn´t through an adoption agency.I have a birth certificate #54711 from the state of Tennessee that states that my adopted parents are my blood parents are my real parents, which is a lie.The attendant´s signature is J J Wright MD. Is there any way that I can find out what my blood parent´s family name is. I don´t want to contact them but I would like to know the name to have some kind of heritage.For Southern people it is very important. #7
shawna - 6 months ago
My daughter was born on june 17, 1996 and she and her brother got took a2ay from me and she got adopted when she was like 5 yrs old her birth name is xena renee beach and last I knew ruth and howard lang adopted her and they lived in basheor ks... I found my son on facebook and reconnected with him.. #8
Mike - 8 months ago
I was adopted 10 days with a new family. My real mother names me Benjamin and I was born July 28, 1964 in Pittsburgh, Pa. in Salvation Army hospital. Now no longer there. My real mother is deaf and not sure about the father is deaf also. I would love to find her. I need family and health history. Thanks, Mike #9
Lyle - 2 months ago
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My son and daughter were adopted,I have always thought of them and wonder if they would want to reunite with me.. I have missed them so much. They are Alfred Lyle Chadwick Grizzard and Suzie Grizzard. I pray for the chance to meet them.. #10
MightyMichael - 8 months ago
I am looking for my son that was born MightyMichael Allen Reid III, born on 04/22/1994 in Muncie, IN at Ball Memorial Hospital. I know that his name has been changed and not sure to what it is now, Not even sure if he is still in the Muncie area. I have thought about him from the time he was adopted until now and do every day. I hope to one day get to meet him and get to know him. #11
Janis - 2 months ago
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I am looking for my son born Feb 26, 1970 at Presbyterian hospital albuquerque, nm. I have been searching for him since his birth. #12
lily - 3 months ago
adopted from kirov, russia 1998. no nothing of mother expect her age when she had me. i wouild love to at least find out her name #13
Roxann - 1 year ago
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A friend of mine has been searching for her brother. His name at birth was Nicholas Lynn Nissen (or Skillman) be was born October 26,1978 in a Pittsburgh Hospital. His birth parents are Lyman Skillman and Margaret Nissen. If anyone has any info they think will help please look me up on facebook Roxann Cokely. Thank you for your time! #14
Mikhail (Sergey) - 7 months ago
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I was born in 1994 Augest 7th in Irkutsh Russia, Im looking for my mother #15
Jenny - 9 months ago
I was adopted 2001. I believe my birth mothers first name was Courtney kempert. I can't find any records for either of us. I would really like to find her because we need medical records to learn about potential family past of a rare childhood cancer that I found out I have #16
Gary - 10 months ago
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I was born whittier California on August 9th, 1960 adopted by William and Grace Rizzotto at birth and have a brother who also was adopted by William and Grace Rizzotto in 1959 at birth. Looking for any medical history. All my adopted parents would tell me that they got me from a baby hospital and they have both passed so I can't get anymore info thru them. #17
carmela amodio - 8 months ago
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my little brother billy was adopted in ct he was born in 1989 im from bristol ct i have been looking for him for years my parents wont sign the forms for dcf to tell me where he is at plz help #18
Mary - 11 months ago
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I am trying to find more information about my back ground and my family. I was adopted from Russia back in 1996. I am wondering if anyone knows were I should start to folks wont give me any of my Russian passport or birth certificate, anyone have any ideas? #19
frank - 8 months ago
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I am trying to find my son ALAN born 29/03/1982. Last I heard he was living in Ashton in Makerfield. I would be grateful if anyone could help. #20