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Free adoption records is a term that works two-fold. In adoptee activism, "free adoption records" is a sought-after goal for adoptees in 44 states that keep tight reign on certain adoption records, like birth certificates. Free adoption is also a term used synonymously with public or state adoption. Free adoption records are no different than other adoption records. All adoption records are filed with the state, however, some agencies that facilitated an adoption may have a copy and be able to help with reuniting adoption parties. This isn't the case with free adoption records.

Most states will allow nonidentifying information to be released to an inquiring party with very little paperwork and petitioning. Nonidentifying information will include basic health information and descriptive information on a birth relative. Other states require different levels of voluntary and mutual consent before identifying information is revealed. Certain documents, like pre-adoption birth certificates or the names of an adoptees birth parents are more difficult to retrieve and many states require enrollment and facilitation by a state registry for identifying information.

There are only six states that allow adoptees to access original birth certificates - a hotly contested issue by some adoptees who feel discriminated against and that it's their right to have "open record" rights regardless of their state of adoption, which they feel is out of their control and chosen for, not by, them. Only 10 percent of American adoptees have the opportunity to access their birth certificates freely, according to the Adoptee Rights Coalition.

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Kayley - 2 months ago
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I was adopted from Saint Petersburg, Russia and was born 1999. I know little about my birth parents besides my mothers potential first and last name. Latonya Bogdanova, if in fact that's how you spell it. I would really appreciate a free way to see a picture, birthdate, or profile of any sort. #1
Teresa - 1 week ago
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I was adopted in Chicago, IL in July of 1955. According to my records, my birth father was Carman E. Riley (about 22 years old) and my birth mother was Eleanor Riley (about 21 years old). My birth name was Vicki Mae Riley. According to Catholic Services they were not getting along and contemplating divorce. I would appreciate any information. Thank you. #2
Marcia - 2 months ago
I have A daughter who was adopted from "The Children's Home"; here in Cincinnati, OH. Her name at birth was, Jessica Marie Taylor. She stayed at "The Children's Home";until she was 6 mos old. When she was adopted at 6 mos old a family by the names of Bill (adopted father) and Pam (adopted mother)adopted Jessica M. Taylor and changed her name legally to Erin Jessica. Erin is now 19. I feel I'm lost at finding her. Maybe by chance someone knows what I could do to reunite with Erin and her family. #3
Samantha - 4 weeks ago
Hello my name is Samantha I was born Oct 14 1969 my name at birth was Suzanne Scott aka Palmer all i no is that Scott is my moms last name and Palmer was my dads. I was born in California at Glendora hospital. if this sounds like you might no me please email me at xxxx #4
Jeannie - 21 hours ago
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I was born in los angeles county dec 23 1963 looking for my birth mother last name was rohem or roehm #5
Susan - 1 month ago
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I am looking for twins that were born to my aunt, Ruth Haley, in Brooklyn, NY in the late 30's or early 40's. Their father was a judge and my aunt a legal assistant. That generation is gone and there a re a lot of cousins who would love to meet you. Believe they were adopted in New Jersey. Get in touch please... #6
penny - 4 days ago
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I gave up my son Jeannine Curtis for adoption on May 23, 1974 at St luke hospital on 5th ave in nyc..I want to find him #7
Roxann - 5 months ago
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A friend of mine has been searching for her brother. His name at birth was Nicholas Lynn Nissen (or Skillman) be was born October 26,1978 in a Pittsburgh Hospital. His birth parents are Lyman Skillman and Margaret Nissen. If anyone has any info they think will help please look me up on facebook Roxann Cokely. Thank you for your time! #8
sarah reinhardt - 3 weeks ago
my name is sarah reinhardt, i was born October 17, 1996 in Gwinnett county Georgia. My biological parents are Regina Mosely and Thomas Allan Smith. i am just now finding out about this so if anyone knows anything, PLEASE HELP ME. #9
Christopher Leo Foster - 2 months ago
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I was born in Miami-Dade county FL and adopted in same area. Born on 04/05/1988. I live in Virginia with adopted parents who was Nancy Foster, and currently with Carl Foster. I am looking for birth parents - Curiosity. I am supposely carribean, I look carribean, and tanned with curly hair but wondering if this message will ever go out. A journey .... #10
Eric - 2 days ago
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looking for my son #11
MARY - 2 months ago
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My son was born Sept. 6,1970.Would love for a reunion with him as he has been in my thoughts and in my prayers forever since that day.I pray before I die I will have this opportunity to meet him and to see what a fine young man he grew up to be. BY Mary. #12
sabrina - 1 month ago
hi im looking for my twin boys cody clark and dalton clark or robinson at birth their last name was king they were born april 15 1999 in cedar rapids ia at st lukes hospital. please if any one know any thing let me know thanks #13
andy molina alexander - 5 months ago
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looking for info on birth mother father any family what adoption agency or state or any info on me #14
Krystal Christopher - Kurtis Marten - 3 months ago
I have been looking for my brother my whole life his name is Kurtis George Marten. Marten may be different due to adoption. He is located somewhere near North Dakota or Minnesota. His whole family is looking for him. I have searched everywhere including facebook for him. We miss him and want him to meet his family and his new nephews. Thank you . #15
barry hartnell - 2 months ago
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i was born barry david pace i was born in west bromwich hospital in 1970 i want to trace my mother whos name is janet pace whom was married to david pace whom was my father my d,o,b is 03,03,1970 . #16
Michael - 3 months ago
I was born Byron Michael Hobart in 1960. My birth parents are Michael Hobart and Marilyn Cain. I was adopted by Charles L. and Patricia R. Clicquennoi around 1964. I've longed to know my mom #17
Ruth - 3 months ago
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I am looking for my daughter that turn 18 years old she was adopted by a woman name nilsa Ramos in the bronx #18
brianna - 4 months ago
i need to find my birth parants can someone help me what website #19
kendra - 1 month ago
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I am looking for my biological brother. I just recently found out of his existence, and I would love to find him. I only know certain information, and I really need help to find him. I cant go the rest of my life not knowing my brother. #20