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Public adoption, one handled by a state agency and foster system, is sometimes called a "free adoption." Although a bit of a misnomer, free adoption is an appropriate term so far as to refer to the kind of federal and state reimbursements, credits and financial aid public adoption yields. When juxtaposed to the tens of thousands of dollars associated with private and international adoption, public adoption seems to live up to the idea of "free adoption" even more.

Public adoption can cost anywhere from zero to a few thousand dollars, and because many foster adoptions are of children with special needs, the state agency may reimburse any attorney, homestudy or travel fees up to $2,000, making the adoption nearly or entirely free.

Adoption subsidies can be awarded to augment the medical needs of an adopted child after placement, and some children with medical issues may qualify for Medicaid or Social Security Insurance coverage.

Federal adoption aid is under the Federal Title IV-E Adoption Assistance program. Each state has different eligibility requirements and those who are not eligible for the Title IV-E assistance can apply for State assistance, via Title XX. About 40 percent of employers also support adoption and provide some form of financial assistance or parental leave, although this isn't always exclusive to free adoptions.

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Amanda - 2 years ago
5 3 15
hello I am trying to type up adoption papers myself so my husband can adopt my two daughters there father has not tryed to contact them in 4 years and they know and call my husband dad my oldest is 12 and wants to be adopted my youngers just turned four and only know my husband as daddy i could really use the help in finding out how i do this myself with out an attorney. #1
becky - 2 years ago
1 5 9
MY name is becky. i want to adopt my boyfriends sister's child. #2
emma swinn - 2 years ago
0 0 2
hi my name is emma swinn and i have been adopt and i would like some one to help me find my really mum because i can not find her and i am 26 now #3
Casha - 7 months ago
0 0 1
Im trying to put my daughter up for adoption #4
Guest - 6 days ago
we are looking to adopt our friends son is there a way we can do some kind of paperwork before he is born? #5
felicia - 1 year ago
0 1 0
I need help, my husband wants to adopt my 2 yr old daughter. Her biological fatherand I have joint custody the last time he has seen her was last December of 2012 he currently has charges pending for child abuse charges on a six month old babyhe has not made any attempt of contacting his daughter nor have you made contact with any of my family he is currently over 3 grand behind in child support. when he did see his daughter she would come home dirty and nasty she was never babe are properly taken care of every time she came home from his house I was taking her to the hospital they said that there was nothing to do that's all they could tell you was that she was neglected my case was opened up in Missour and I have currently moved to Florida. Please tell me my next step on what to do #6
Guest - 7 months ago
I am an adult that is disabled and living in my biological parents home now by myself and the state (MI) wants to take the home. Am I legal or do I need to go thru the adoption process? #7
sinyah - 3 months ago
0 0 0
plesa comm for me #8
denise - 6 months ago
0 0 0
shes been abused by her mom #9
Guest - 2 years ago
0 0 0
How can I legaLly put the baby under my parents custody? #10
Brian - 2 years ago
0 1 0
im trying to get records of my adoption papers #11
kirsty - 10 months ago
1 1 0
hi id like to find my adoption papers please #12

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