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Adopters interested in domestic older child adoption will be placed with one of the hundred thousand waiting, adoptable children in the U.S. foster care system. Older child adoption is different from infant placement in many ways - a lot of the children may be affected by their past home lives and experiences in the foster system. They may have trouble with attachment or special needs. They will, however, be more developed in their tastes and personalities.

Knowing what you want out of the adoption experience and the kind of child who are available in your state is made available through foster kids' pictures on public agency websites and various publications.

These pictures are easy to fall in love with, and the brief bios are so short and sweet. But it's important for prospective parents to not fall for just one or two photos. Instead, they should use the foster kids' pictures as guides for what they're looking for in an adoptee.

Waiting children who may be difficult to place due to their age, special needs or behavioral problems are more likely to be featured in a photolisting. Adoptive parents should, therefore, make sure they keep an open mind and are honest with themselves about the level of comfort and commitment they can offer a child who may not be as independent as his or her peers.

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Beth - 1 year ago
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my husband and I have recently adopted a 5 year old boy from foster care. He asks and so we are in search of a infant photo of him. The birth parents have denied any photos for him. Is there any resources, etc... that might be able to help us acquire from someone. thanks. #1
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Guillermo (TX / 15 / M)
Guillermo is easy going and enjoys helping his foster parents around the house by taking out the trash and walking his dogs. He enjoys video games, playing with his dogs,... [more]

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