Finding Adopted Children

The process of finding adopted children as a birth relative looking for a reunion or meeting or to notify the child of possible health concerns is slightly more difficult than the process of an adoptee looking for a birth relative.

There are a few different routes a searching birth relative can take to find an adoptee. First, birth relatives can register with the state registry in which the adoption was finalized. After registering with the state, the registrants will be contacted if another member of the adoption triad mutually consents to establish contact or releasing the adoption record. After registering with the state, the registrant can also petition the courts to have a confidential intermediary appointed to their case. The C.I. will have access to the adoption record and can conduct a search and facilitate contact between the adoption parties.

Birth parents and adoptees can also go to the agency through which an adoption was facilitated and ask about post-adoption search services. These may have fees and legal hurdles, but are worth a try. There are other active ways to search, such as database registries online. Birth relatives can register and look through the lists of other registrants in hopes of finding adopted children who are also searching within the database and are a potential match.

The search process can be emotionally and financially draining. Be sure to find some kind of support group, either in-person or online in a forum or birth relative community, to help in the event of a failed search or refused contact.

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Tameka - 1 year ago
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Hello.. my name is Tameka and I am searching for my baby girl that was born in 2003 in augusta ga, university hospital. She only weighed five pounds at delivery. This birth resulted from a rape. I just want her to know that she was always loved. I only wanted her to have a better chance in life with a loving family. I hated to give her up but what kinda chance would she have with a mother who felt "gutted". Please feel free to contact me with any information. Thank you #1
Pauline Esther Cordova Verdugo - 7 months ago
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Hello sorry to bother but I'm drivin myself crazy n need my children back in my life.(john samuel cordova9/11/1998)(nethanuel elias cordova7/26/2000),(alize li malloy1/20/2003),(asia jaline malloy1/14/2004),(desiree monique zamora3/15/2005),(leah candelaria cordova1/1/2007) and (ralphie danny angel navarro11/19/2007)they were bprn here in fresno california at valley medical center n also at community reginal medical center n asia was born at selma medical center.if need mpre in for please ill answer back. #2
Leanne - 8 months ago
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I was 14 yrs old and had a baby boy born September 24th, 1988 at St. Johns Hospital in Longview, Washington. I am hoping that he finds me. The birth of my beautiful son was a result of a rape in Longview, Washington. I was born and raised in Longview, Washington and some family still live there but I got married and moved to Oregon, now residing in Aloha, Oregon and have given birth to 4 other children but 3 are still living, so if you are my son and looking for me you have a 17 yr old half sister, a 15 yr old half brother and a 12 yr old half sister. I hope you find us and can come learn some family history and meet your siblings. I am still happily married to the same man I married at age 19 yrs old in Longview, Washington and got married at First Baptist Church when it was by the Lake Sacajawea. #3
Kelly - 5 months ago
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Hello. I'm looking for my little boy (well not so little anymore) he was born June of 1981, Father's Day. I was 15 and the father of the baby was 17. It's not something we wanted to do but neither were ready to be parents. He was born in Norwich CT @ Backus Hospital. Catholic Charities of New London CT handled the adoption. He weighed in at almost 11 lbs. We saw him for a total of 15 minutes and he was already our lives, but our parents took over. We are both looking for him. The father lives in Mississippi and I live in Connecticut, but we do keep in contact with one another. If you are him and you don't want back in our lives we understand but we want to know you are okay and would love to see a photo of you. We did / do love you and we both were devestated when it all went down. We know we waited but we are both so unsure how you would feel.Please look into your heart and just if anything let us know how you grew up. #4
Anna - 6 months ago
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I am looking for my two grandson Gregory Allen and Nathan Allen Campbell. Greg just turned 18 on the 29th of Oct. You boys have a younger brother Zachary and a sister named Casey they are both wanting to know where you are and if you are okay. Casey and Zach have both grown up knowing they have brothers. My daughter Jean Ann has been looking for you since the welfare took you away. She cry's every time you have a birthday and every Holiday that you are not with her. WE both love you two very very much. #5
Michael - 11 months ago
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Hi, I have been looking for my daughter, born in Cincinnati OH, Nov 1994 (20 years old). For all of you looking for your birth parent(s), there are just as many birth parents looking for you. So, whatever you do, don't give up the search. As for my own situation, I do not know my daughters first or last name like I had originally thought, and contacting the mother is not an option. I knew the mother for about 2 months ,and my daughter for about one hour. After birth, the court decided which parent is best for the child - and when a long distance situationl is involved, the court will favor the mother. When this happens it is just too painful (at least for me) to contenplate a long distance relationship in which a father might not be able to see the child more than once in a while. It was clear the mother was undermining the relationship and insisted on making the latest new fiance the acting father at birth. I would be cautious if parents are not supporting you in your search. #6
Tina Walker 21st of september - 7 months ago
hi my name is Tina I have been looking for my two son over the years. I have a oldest son called Johnathan David Mathew Nuttall he was born on the 29th march 1995 he is 19years old now he was born at arrowe park hospital in birkenhead merseyside I would except any sort of contact depending on Johnathan his self. I have got a yougest son called Liam Kevin Nuttall he was born on 30th november 1996 at arrowe park hospital in merseyside birkenhead he will be 17years old now but in november he will be 18years old. I would except on sort of contact depending on Liam thay were taken 1999. many thanks t walker #7
Guest - 2 weeks ago
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my name is tina marie Connors. looking for my daughter rave a Thomas whom I adoted out in 2003..she is now 18 dob 1\22\1997 in erie penssylvania..I want ed her to have a fighting chance because I wasn't in the bst place at the time to raise her. please contact me at tina mARIE CONNORS-ROBERTS ON FACEBOOK #8
lou ann - 7 months ago
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I gave up a newborn boy in 1981. He was born in Wichita, ks. I had received some photos after the adoption and I believe he was named David Green. I think the adoption was through Lutheran social services. I was living in Vermillion, KS but stayed in Wichita with a family til the baby was born. I have moved around a lot and for the longest time did not wish to interfere in the family's life. But I do have some medical issues that might be helpful to pass on. And I guess I just want to see how everything has gone all these years. I lived in a disparaging situation and was not able to raise the baby. I picked out the birth family from a listing of three. They had no children and that is why I chose them. You may contact me if you have any information. #9
Carol - 1 month ago
I am trying to locate the daughter I gave up when I was 15. She was born in Walter Reed Army Hospital in mid Oct. of 1970. I counldn't care for her, a 15 rear old dropout, with no family support. They wanted me to have an abortion, but I refused, so they shipped me off to the House Of Mercy in DC. I couldn't take care of her, but I knew MANY people wanted a baby #10
gail - 1 month ago
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JARROD - 8 months ago
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Hi my name is Jarrod I am searching for a little girl who I am 95% positive is mine. I was never put on B. Cert. I was incarcerated and the mother lost rights. I was unable to apear to get necessary proceedings done for dna, child support etc. I do not want custody or in anyway want to disrupt her life. I merely want to let her know i love her and what happened on my end. If need financially help family raise her. She was born April 13 2010 in Branson , mo @ skaggs hospital. Her name was Jasmine Nicole carroll ( short) I believe she was adopted by a family named Brown. Can anyonehelp por point me in right direction please and thank you #12
Alice Maria Townsend - 1 month ago
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My daughter (Destiny Nichole Gammons by birth) will be 18 on June 13th 2015. She was born in Summit Medical Center in Hermitage Tennessee. I lost her when she was 6 years old where we lived in Mt. Juliet Tennessee. I wouldn't willing give her up for adoption, so she was taken from me in a closed adoption. Please help me fine her PLEASE. #13
Tressa Lindsey - 10 months ago
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Hi, My name is Tressa Lindsey and i am searching for my little brother and sisters. I am their 2nd oldest sister and need help finding them, Keith Lindsey was adopted out somewhere in Parsons Ks Jackie Lindsey was adopted out somewhere in Parsons KS Tosha Lindsey im not sure of she was adopted out somewhere between Walnut KS and Chanute KS. Keith is 8 Tosha 5-6 and Jackie is 3-4. I am not sure how to find them, I have been searching for them for 3-4 years i miss them dearly please help my email is xxxx I was never mentioned in the court case and have no way to find them please contact me if found! #14
Tamica - 8 months ago
Hi. My name is Tamica Thompson. I am looking for my son. His name is David Daquan Holmes. I have been looking for him for many years. I recently searched for my sons father on google, went into obituaries, and found out that his father, Donald, passed away 12-24-08. I never gave my son up willingly. He was basically snatched out of my life. I sent him to his father 12 years ago, and I never saw him again. It wasn't because, of his father. It was his girlgriend, Joanna Williams who kept me away from him, when Donald was incarcerated. She basically kidnapped my son, and now, I recently found out that the adoption was finalized. My son is out there thinking that I don't love him or didn't want him. The Devil is a lie. I've been living a nightmare for many years, and cried oceans. My dream is to look him in his eyes and tell him how much I love him. He has a right to know the truth. My poor baby. He has no clue. He doesn't know I love him so much. Please help bring him back to me. #15
Melba - 2 months ago
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I am hoping to find my first born son, Jeremy Wayne Holley, born December 15th, 1975. He needs to know about his family history of kidney deceased, heart deceased, and cancers'. This record is sole on his mother's family record, but his father's record is unknown. He could also have bone deceased. #16
Jessica green - 2 months ago
Hello,I'm looking for my brother, he was born Sep.22,1962 in Vero Beach,Florida and was then adopted to a family in Fort Pierce, Florida the Doctor that did the adoption was Dr.Paul Taylor and he also was the attending Dr at his birth. His mother's name is Molly Thompson Howard and fathers name is Milton Howard.My mother and I are living in Maryville,Tennessee I have been looking for him for a long time I'm hopping that I can find him for our mother. #17
Dina - 3 months ago
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I'm looking for my sister born in Orange county California in 1991or 1992 her birth mother loss her prenatal rights her name is Barbra Kay and her father name is David Macklin but went by Mack. I do have baby picture of you around 1 last time we were able to see you. #18
Nancy - 7 months ago
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I am searching for my baby girl that was born on July 5th, 1989 at St. Johns Hospital (now St. Catherine's) in Smithtown, NY. I do not know my daughters first or last name but I do know she was placed with a family in Suffolk County. I just want to let her know that I think about her everyday #19
stephanie - 1 year ago
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Hi.. My name is Stephanie anania. Me and my older sister gloria were adopted.. As babies! We had found out a few years back that we had a younger sister.. Who was also adopted. Her name was Tina Marie.. When she was born. But that might have changed. We have been looking for her for so long! I am 23 years old, and gloria, my sister, is 24. Our younger sister who we are trying to find is I believe 20-21? We were told she was born in 1992.. In February I believe. We dont even know if she knows she's adopted, or has sisters.. If anyone knows.. Or has any information! It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :) #20

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