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To find an adopted child that was placed domestically as an infant can begin in a variety of ways through a variety of outlets. The first place a birth relative should go, if the option is available in the state of adoption, is to register with the state registry. These registries operate by way of mutual consent, meaning that if an adoptee and a birth relative both register independent of one another the sealed adoption record may be opened.

If a state does not have a registry or the registry proves to be an unsuccessful tool in establishing contact with another member of the triad, an adoptee or birth parent may contact the adoption agency or attorney to facilitate the adoption. If neither of those offer search services, then the courts can be petitioned to allow a confidential intermediary access to the adoption records with the intent to facilitate a search and possible communication between the triad members.

Birth parents can also find an adopted child on online search databases, where adoptees and birth parents can create profiles accessible by registrants. More active registries attempt to match profiles for the searcher as opposed to making them manually search for a match.

Birth parents may also wish to place search ads in regional or national publications.

Search services may be free of charge, work under a flat fee or hourly. Registries may also have a registration fee that costs, on average, $20 or $40 or a small monthly due.

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Laura - 7 months ago
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searching for daughter, Heather Elizabeth Voigts (6/30/86) Born at Portsmouth Naval hospital, Virginia. She was placed for adoption through Catholic Family and Children's Services. #1
Susan - 9 months ago
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My mom was pregnant and had a baby girl, she gave her up for adoption born around 1966 at Evergreen hospital she delivered and signed to have her adopted. Martha Louise Muggy (Emmons). I am half sister and trying to find my relation. #2
Patty - 1 year ago
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I am searching for my daughter born July 25, 1966 in Holy Cross Hospital, Fort Lauderdale, FL. She was placed into foster care in Pompano Beach, FL after her birth. She was baptized at St. Elizabeth Church in Pompano Beach in August, 1966. She was transferred to a foster home in Palm Beach County in Sept. 1966. Shortly thereafter was placed with her adoptive parents. The adoption was finalized in Volusia County in October, 1967. #3
craig - 10 months ago
I am looking for my children anthony Matthew Johnson 12/15/91 and Samantha Elizabeth Hayden 6/29/93 born in Davenport Ia they were put in foster care in 1996 and adopted later. #4
Denise - 2 years ago
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I am looking for my grandson who was born December 2012. His birth mother was Kayleigh Hill and father was Bradley Johonnett. Not sure if the father's name was on birth certificate. He was born at the Exeter Hospital in Exeter, NH. My husband, his grandfather passed away before he was born. I was told that he may have had cleft lip and or pallet. I do not want to interfere with his life but since I am denied visits with his sister and brother I would just like to know about him. Thank you for your help. xxxx #5
Susan - 1 year ago
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I am looking for my son Brian McIntosh, born October 22, 1975 at Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia. I have been misled and lied to by many and so want my son to know how much he was loved and wanted but.... lots of personal and family conditions I would like to tell him of and any medical info. #6
Merrily - 11 months ago
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Birth Mother seeking son-gave up for adoptin at birth. DOB 3/16/1977 at St Joseph hospital in Denver, CO. Adoptee is caucasion/native american. Adoption agency was Lutheran Service Society. #7
Guest - 11 months ago
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Im looking for my birth Son..Roger Dale Harrison,born 4-21-85..Born in Monroe N.C. Mother Rhonda Harrison Father Danny Lee Presley....Was adopted in 1xxxxx....Please contact me on face book if you can help in any way...Thank's and God bless #8
Kaye - 2 years ago
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I would like to find my Grandaughter.She was born in 1995 at Kennesaw hospital in Marietta Ga. To Cheryl/Craig Battles.They are both deceased now, I wish that I could talk to her and let her know about her birth family.And met her adopted family as well for a reunion. #9
maryjane hernandez - 1 year ago
i am looking for my son Bobbyjoe Hernandez born in may 1979 Sunnyside, Washington adopted in Texas please contac me xxxx #10
melody - 2 years ago
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I have been trying for 18 yrs to find my sistr who was adopted out at birth i 1956 without any results. Our mother died of breast cancer 18 yrs ago without telling any of us where the adoption took place only that we had a sister.I need help in doing this, I would love to find the sister I have never been able to know and let her know even though we do not know each other that she is loved dearly by her sibling sister #11
shirley hernandez - 1 year ago
i am looking for both my kids elizabeth marie ortiz and ray anthony ortiz both adopted out in washington state #12

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