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Adopting a child with a specific special need is something that some adopters feel more comfortable with than others. In the case of Down syndrome, which is the most common cause of birth defects, according to the National Library of Medicine's website. Prospective adopters are more likely to have grown up around or previously cared for someone with Down syndrome.

Finding an adoptable child with Down syndrome can be done by contacting an agency that specializes in the placement of children with special needs or Down syndrome. For those who aren't sure where to start, websites with photolistings and information about Down syndrome adoption also tend to offer access to extensive networks within the Down syndrome adoption community. The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, for example, is a perfect starting point for adopters who wish to adopt domestically. Other web-based networks, such as Reece's Rainbow, aims to connect adopters with international agencies that place children with Down syndrome from countries like China and Russia.

To adopt a child with Down syndrome is a full-time job, depending on the severity of his or her condition. The National Down Syndrome Adoption Community does not charge any fees nor does it charge for adoption services it provides. The adoptive family must carry private health insurance to adopt. Medicaid for any other children in the adoptive family does not count because it must allow for the newly adopted child to be added and eligible for services after the adoption is finalized.

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carrie - 4 weeks ago
Please help our family adopt a beautiful baby with DS. It has been a dream of ours since we were married 14 yrs ago. We just do not have the crazy amount of money that it takes to adopt. Please help!! #1
Adoption Advocate - 7 months ago
I am advocating for the adoption of several children with down syndrome that I met while volunteering. They are all living in nice foster care homes and attending preschool through their orphanage. Please visit my blog and consider bringing one of these precious children into your home. Clover's file was just recently made available for adoption and she is waiting for her forever family to choose her: I also made a very short video of the children here: Thank you! #2
NA - 1 month ago
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We would love to have one or two in our home and so on #3
Penny - 2 months ago
0 0 0
I am interested.. #4

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