Birth Parents

Birth parents are the biological parents of an adopted child. Before an adoption can be finalized, a child's birth parents must legally relinquish all parental rights to the adoptive parents. Before the finalization, every birth parent must decide if they want to build and maintain a relationship with the adoptive family, sometimes referred to as an open adoption. There is no right or wrong way to approach a birth parent role, meaning that whether or not one chooses to have an open adoption is a personal preference and no research can dictate a more positive or negative effect to either extreme.

Very few adopted children feel discontent with their family or toward their birth parents. However, birth parents can bring a certain tension later in an adoptee’s life. This stands true for a birth parent as well, who may feel guilty when they start a family of their own or at important milestones of the adoptee’s life.

Most birth parents placed their child into an adoptive family because they felt unable to care for the child. That doesn’t mean things can’t change and birth parents may still start families after placing a child. However, it's not uncommon for adult adoptees and their birth parents to want to contact one another for medical updates or out of curiosity and this is something that everyone involved in the adoption should be prepared for.

If you’re a birth parent, become familiar with your state rights and the extent of information that can be voluntarily released or withheld.

Seal Parents: 22 SEP 1934, LOGAN: Birth: 20 DEC 1654, Windsor,Hartford,Connecticut Death: 10 MAR 1701, Westfield,Hampden,Massachusetts. Visitor Comments (12) Adding your comments contributes to the adoption community. Birth Parents - Adoption -

Seal Parents: 22 SEP 1934, LOGAN: Birth: 20 DEC 1654, Windsor,Hartford,Connecticut Death: 10 MAR 1701, Westfield,Hampden,Massachusetts. Visitor Comments (12) Adding your comments contributes to the adoption community. Birth Parents - Adoption -

... Easton, PA, Northampton County Church Records, Stone Church, Lists date of his birth. 20. Easton City Library, Easton, PA, Old newspaper extracts, "Jacob Langebach died in ... lists her birth, and name of parents. 22. U.S. Census Records, Moore Twp., Northampton County, PA., 1850, 1860, 1870 ...

Birth: 20 APR 1893 Burchard, Pawnee, Nebraska Christening: Death: 08 MAR 1970 Burial: LDS Ordinances: Baptism: ... BabyandBump Parenting Forums Single Parents 22, single and pregnant Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read LinkBack: Thread Tools: ...

BIRTH: 20 Feb 1762, Halifax Co,Nc DEATH: AFT 1846, Boone Co,Mo,Poss. Cass Co,Mo BAPTISM: 13 ... Temple: OAKLA SEALING TO PARENTS: 22 Nov 1991 Temple: OAKLA Father: John CORLEW Mother: Hannah UNKNOWN Family 1: Nancy LUCAS . MARRIAGE: ABT 1780, of Ky SEALING TO SPOUSE: Status: SUBMITTED ...

Microsoft Word - 2013-6 Letter to Parents - 22 Feb 2013 Author: S7627929B Created Date: ... on Seamless Integration of Special Education Services Birth-20 and Chemicals in ...

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Jason Hans Gerum - 5 days ago
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Looking for my half brother. Born 1969-70 in Delanco, NJ Burlington township. Birth name would be Haley. You also have a younger sister! #1
john j guden - 7 months ago
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i am trying to find my brith mother franes babik i haved seen her in years last time i saw her i was a baby i am now 60 i wood love to meet her old day befor i die last place in heard she was liveing was jresey city of hobken nj place help me find her thank you #2
Jody - 4 weeks ago
0 0 0
I'm searching for family related to Estelle Grill, birth mother to Anna Slade Grill born 10/8/30 in New York. My mother, the former Anna Slade Grill passed away some years ago but I would like to make contact with family members. #3
Molly - 7 months ago
0 0 0
Lookiong for my adopted sister. She was born on Feburary 11,1984 in Indianapolis, IN. She was adopted through St. Elizabeth Coleman. We have reached out through St. Elizabeths and are registered with the State of Indiana and also on many adoption registeries. Hopeful to find you very soon, as you have 3 other siblings. #4
Xavier Thompson - 6 months ago
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I was adoption when i was 6 yeArs old im trying to find my birth parents but my adoption parents dont want to give me no information my parents dont want me to know nothing about my birth parents pleace help me out #5
Michelle - 1 year ago
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I'm looking for my daughter who was placed for adoption in February 1984. Her birthdate is 2/14/1984 she was born at St. Vincent's Hospital in Indianapolis Indiana. I placed her for adoption through St. Elizabeth's Home in Indianapolis, IN. Her adoptive parents are an Attorney and School Teacher still living in Indianapolis. I have been actively searching for her since 2005. I am registered in the Indiana Adoption History Registry among numerous other sources. I'm hoping to reunite with her, but have no intent to disrupt her life. I know she is a school teacher in the Indianapolis area and is married. All I want is to see a picture, I 'm not looking to disrupt any lives, I will wait however long until she is ready to communicate with me. #6
Chris - 7 months ago
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I'm searching for my son birth name Christopher J Ashley father's name Christopher J Coburn mother's name Margaret Ashley..He was born in the Great Rochester Area in up state NY.His birthday is in Oct 1985 I think at Rochester General.He is mix black father and white mother and would be about 28-29..If anyone know of him contact me on facebook...Thanks #7
sherri - 6 months ago
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i am searching for my mother her name is diane francis i was born on june 15th 1993 #8
Mary - 8 months ago
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I would love very much for my son to contact me. He was born at Harris Hospital, Ft. Worth, TX on July 27, 1971. I simply want him to know that I love him and have never forgotten him. I would be grateful if he would like to get to know me and the rest of the family. #9
shannon - 6 months ago
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Hi, I was born January 23rd 1971 in Ludington. I believe the last name of my birth mom is Lemier lamier, Not sure how to spell it. My adopted mother told me she was going to name me Cindy lee. That's all I know. #10
Thomas - 6 months ago
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Thomas Joseph Walsh here born April 15,1954 in AC NJ. Looking for my birth parents. #11
Stacy - 1 year ago
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I gave a son up for adoption in Orange County, Ca. He was born on 1/31/1981 and I am trying to find him. He will be 33 years old this year and I think it's time for him to know his full family. If you think this is you write a comment back and I will continue to check this site for awhile. I hope we connect. #12
Jeanne - 9 months ago
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Looking for son that was born May 5 1973 in Hollywood Florida at memorial at around 1 pm #13
Fred - 9 months ago
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I am looking for my birth mother. I was born on January 18 1961 in Fort pierce, Fl. Would love to reunite ;) e-mail xxxx #14
raymond - 12 months ago
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I looking for my birth parents im a Male born May 19, 1973 in Glendora Calif, My adopted parents names are Raymundo #15
jackie - 1 year ago
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my dad was adopted just a few weeks away from his 6th birthday in Croydon,england 1960 and he recently passed away. he was born 12/05/1954 in hackney,london,england I'm now have his adoption certificate and currently searching for his birth parents. sadly I don't have any info on them of who they were,birth dates etc....only the name of the the couple who adopted him and their address at the time of the adoption. the address of the registry office at the time don't longer exist as the building is now a art theatre and all birth records have been moved somewhere else. My dad was adopted by the county court on 27th april 1960 and it was entered on the 10th may 1960 at the registry office. MY purpose of the search is mainly based on medical history but also wanting to know who they were and have a name{s} to his birth parents. I {personally} not really interested in why he was adopted in the 1st place, I just in need to find my birth grandparents and learn of who they were etc... #16
Guest - 1 year ago
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Jennifer would like to find my bio parents. I was adopted 1969 through Children's Home Society #17
Guest - 1 year ago
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my name is tiffany Rios i was originally named tiffany Tillman. ..i was born march 26 92 I was adopted with 3 other siblings. .my adopted mother died about 5 years ago now I have nobody..I just wanna find my real mother :( #18
Haley - 1 year ago
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I was born in 02/18/1988 in Elkhart IN. I am trying to find my birthmother. #19
Patricia - 1 year ago
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I am searching for my birth Mom or Dad I was born on /12/16/2000 ib Pitssburgh PA. I dont know anything about them at all. #20
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