Birth Parents Looking For Adopted Children

Birth parents looking for adopted children have a few search and reunion options. If the birth mother placed the child with the help of an agency, she can return to the agency and ask if they have post-adoption services that help reconnect birth parents looking for adopted children. Some states, however, require birth parents to register with the state registry, which keeps track of all members of adoption parties searching for one another. State registries usually run on mutual consent, meaning that as soon as two parties register in search of the other they will be given basic contact info for the other or will be given access to an adoption record with the purpose of searching.

Birth parents can also attempt to reach an adopted child through the help of a private investigator. However, many details relevant to the child's new lifestyle and identity will be difficult to locate because a new birth certificate is issued to the child during the adoption finalization process.

It's also possible to petition the court for a confidential intermediary to access the adoption records and facilitate a search and communication between birth parents looking for adopted children. Birth parents can also register with an online database that allows searchers to manually look through other registrants. Some online databases and search services may cost money. Be sure to research the integrity of these businesses with the Better Business Bureau before investing in something that will financially and emotionally drain you.

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Michelle - 4 months ago
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I am searching for my son that I gave up at birth for adoption. I was a minor until the end of my pregnancy so I am not sure if there was a adoption agency or not my mother handled it all with a social worker I think. All I know is his birthdate is 10/24/1983 in Illinois please if anyone knows him or can help even if its his name he is my only child #1
Guest - 4 months ago
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I had a Baby girl born July 16 1972 Elmira NY..... #2
leslie - 2 months ago
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Im searching for both of my girls one is 16 and her adopted name is Casey h. Fisher her birth name is honestasia a Barton her foster moms name was bonnie fisher my other daughters name is joccelynne a gaffney she will be 15 in November I live in Wichita Kansas and I was trying to get them back from youthville back in 1998 up to 2000 I've been trying to be part of there lives but the only person I knew to go through was a lady called Mrs rose up at the srs office up till 2014 and I desperate ly want to be part of there lives #3
Kevin - 1 week ago
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I am looking for any biological family. I was born April 20, 1979 at Fort Walton Beach and adopted through Children's Home Society. I believe my birth parents are from Arkansas and she moved to Florida when pregnant with a sister that was at an Air Force base. You can reach me. #4
Richard - 4 weeks ago
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I am searching for my biological parents. I was born on September 29, 1980 at Hillcrest Hospital in Cleveland, OH. I was informed my birth mother was around 16-17 years old and my birth father was around 17-18 years old at the time. I was also informed I my birth mother was on the fence and then finally decided it was best to give me up for adoption which was finalized in December of 1980. The adoption took place with Catholic Charities. #5
Jennet Jackson - 2 months ago
hi I am looking for two of my granddaughters their name is Myra/EdaI have been looking for them for quite a while my daughter put them up for adoption.they should be young beautiful young teenager by now.I have a baby picture of him.I would love for them to contact me on my email. #6
christina - 2 months ago
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looking for birth father... i was born in indianpolis indian 12/24/92... his name is sean (sp?) last name is distinctly irish. middle name possibly 'paderick'. supposedly moved back to new york after my birth. my birth moms name was lorry rigsby of indiana. please help me. #7
Michele - 2 months ago
Looking for my birth daughter. I know she is still under age, yet I miss her everyday. Born Natalie Marie on 29/Dec/2000. She went to couple from GA who changed her name to Kelsey. They already had one adopted son who was born I believe in 1997. #8
mother name is dongeneta collins - 1 year ago
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im looking for Davasha latarra monique chambers--collins..never forgot about you baby...i love you always.. #9
frank - 2 months ago
I am searching for my parents or family. I was born in 1966 and my brother in 1965 in Oklahoma. We were adopted together and may be of indian and irish heritage. Please help. I hold no hard feelings toward anyone and grew up loved. I was adopted through a private agency. My name may be george #10
shelby - 2 months ago
Looking for my birth son kody Michael jasterzenski born 2 months premature on 2/17/1997 in Allentown Pa but lived in Luzerne County. I think about you everyday. I'm sorry for the choices I made and everyday I think about what could if been if I wasn't living a destructive lifestyle. #11
Heather Lutz aka Sheila Ann Stark - 2 months ago
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I'm looking for my birth mother, Alta Stark. I have two older half sisters, Debbie and Melissa. We were supposedly given up when I was just eight weeks old. Our birthmom was supposed to be very sick. We heard about seven years ago she might be alive. It's vital that I find her. I'm very sick, have been for last three years, the doctors have said to find out what we can so that we can try to figure out what's wrong with me. Please, if anyone knows anything that can help please let me know. #12
billye l farme - 2 months ago
I am looking for my daughter Anastasia lachelle farmer she was born nov 19 1991 Denver General Hospital that's where I had her at. she was taken away from me February 14 1995 it was the saddest day of my life I always think about her and miss her she has a brother and sister that want to see their sister if anybody knows anything please help thank you #13
Leilani - 3 months ago
Looking for my birth mom....I was born August 6, 1994 in Long branch, NJ with an adoption agency. I am curious about my background and roots. All I really know is that I come from Guatemalan heritage. Contact info cell number xxxxx or email xxxx Thanks! #14
Martha - 1 week ago
Looking for my niece my sister had to give up her name at birth was Crystal Lee Mccary born May 3 1975 in Birmingham Alabama #15
Shannon - 3 months ago
Hi, I am looking for the son that my paternal grandmother gave up for adoption sometime between 1942 and 1946 in Cook County, IL. Her name was Jean McNichols and she was born in 1925-6. If anyone has any information that might be useful to me, I woul.d greatly appreciate if you could email me at xxxx. Thanks! #16
Corin - 5 months ago
I'm searching for two boys my Father: Robert J. Quigley and his girlfriend Theresa Gomiser gave up for adoption through the State of NJ and they were adopted by the same family. The approx year of births for them would be 1xxxxx at Memorial Hospital of Salem County - i think! (I know one was born in 1994) the same year my son was. They were adopted by a family in NJ who already had a adopted daughter and the father ran the family construction company. I would be interested in meeting them and seeing if there is any resemblance to my Dad and answer any questions they may have about their birth father. email: xxxx (ONLY on this subject) #17
derrick - 1 month ago
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Looking for derrick lewis in new orleans not sure if the change the last name birth mom name grace lewis was born at charity hospital #18
Rebecca - 5 months ago
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Looking for a nephew who was given up for adoption, he was born in late 1968 or early 1969 in Broward County, FL #19
Elizabeth Cooper - 1 month ago
I'm looking for my baby girl named Pauline Grace can anybody help find her #20

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