Birth Parents Looking For Adopted Children

Birth parents looking for adopted children have a few search and reunion options. If the birth mother placed the child with the help of an agency, she can return to the agency and ask if they have post-adoption services that help reconnect birth parents looking for adopted children. Some states, however, require birth parents to register with the state registry, which keeps track of all members of adoption parties searching for one another. State registries usually run on mutual consent, meaning that as soon as two parties register in search of the other they will be given basic contact info for the other or will be given access to an adoption record with the purpose of searching.

Birth parents can also attempt to reach an adopted child through the help of a private investigator. However, many details relevant to the child's new lifestyle and identity will be difficult to locate because a new birth certificate is issued to the child during the adoption finalization process.

It's also possible to petition the court for a confidential intermediary to access the adoption records and facilitate a search and communication between birth parents looking for adopted children. Birth parents can also register with an online database that allows searchers to manually look through other registrants. Some online databases and search services may cost money. Be sure to research the integrity of these businesses with the Better Business Bureau before investing in something that will financially and emotionally drain you.

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Did you mean: grandparent looking for adopted grandson or birth parents looking for daughter or birthday poems for adopted children?

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Michelle - 10 months ago
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I am searching for my son that I gave up at birth for adoption. I was a minor until the end of my pregnancy so I am not sure if there was a adoption agency or not my mother handled it all with a social worker I think. All I know is his birthdate is 10/24/1983 in Illinois please if anyone knows him or can help even if its his name he is my only child #1
Guest - 10 months ago
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I had a Baby girl born July 16 1972 Elmira NY..... #2
Guest - 8 months ago
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Searching birth mom..Dec1984 Wpb Florida boy.please help #3
Aris - 1 week ago
I was adopted and I'm looking for my birthmother whose maiden name is Leonida Dungog, sometimes called Edith. She previously lived at Malate Manila but she is originally from Zamboanga. Help me with my search. You may be her brother, her sister, her son, her daughter, her neighbor or her friend... My Info: Gender: Male Age: 35 Nationality: Filipino Country: Philippines Current City: Tagaytay City Cavite Previously lived at: San Jose Del Monte Bulacan and at Manila Adoptive Mother: Mrs. Norma Gamboa Born at Ospital ng Maynila as baby boy Cortez (listed father: Johnny Cortez who I also have not met) on April 24, 1979, Tuesday #4
Richard - 7 months ago
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I am searching for my biological parents. I was born on September 29, 1980 at Hillcrest Hospital in Cleveland, OH. I was informed my birth mother was around 16-17 years old and my birth father was around 17-18 years old at the time. I was also informed I my birth mother was on the fence and then finally decided it was best to give me up for adoption which was finalized in December of 1980. The adoption took place with Catholic Charities. #5
Rebekka - 3 weeks ago
Im looking for my biological family. Born in 2001 and im now 13 and live with a wonderful family, tho i'd still want to find them. I was both in China, Shangsha. Found by the police station, alone. I was about 2 weeks they said. I celebrate my Birthday on the 28 June, tho im not sure if thats the day i was born. I was later given to the adoption center in Beijin. There i was given the name Yao Guee Xiang. I find it quite impossible to find my mom, because she ran away without leaving a single clue... But i hope some day i,ll be able to talk to her. I now live in Norway. #6
JoAnne G - 1 year ago
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My 20 year old daughter was adopted from Colombia in 1993. Her birth mother was 13 or 14 years old. My daughter is busy in college now but really wants to find out about her roots, medical history etc. She was in Casa de Maria Y El Nino in Medellin and from what I understand, her biological grandmother brought her daughter from Southern Colombia to Medellin. My daughter would love to know more. Her birthname was Gloria Gomez date of birth 7-22-93 and was just, and still is, beautiful!!! I have two older sons also adopted from Casa de Maria, but not sure they have the interest my daughter does, But their names were Ricardo Mejia, born 11-12-90 and Santiago Calderon born 12-1-91. thanks #7
frank - 4 months ago
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I was born September 1966, my brother in September 1965, in Oklahoma. My name was George I believe. If you know any family contact me. Craigslist missed connection las Vegas. #8
Tiffany Hambrite - 1 day ago
I'm looking for my daughter her birth name is jasmine Amanda Hambrite she is 23 years old her birth date is 8 /19/93 I also have a son name Isaiah Simmons that was his birth name don't know if they changed there names they was once staying in Freeport ny #9
Denise - 2 days ago
I am looking for my son. He was born, in the Salvation Army Home, in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. I named him Mickey Trent Mitchell. Family and Children's services, in Tulsa Oklahoma, handled the adoption. He was born, on August 30,1967 @ 11:30pm, and weighed 9 lbs. I was sixteen and unable to keep him. If, anyone thinks they might have any information, please contact me. #10
michele - 3 days ago
looking for any info.. i am looking for the mom or dad or siblings of my children's father. He was born 2/2/1964 in NYC and put up for adoption at 6 mths old he was told. Catholic Charities handled the adoption. I would like to know mostly for medical history for my sons. he was told his birth name was Michael Edmond. He had blond hair #11
Sharon Dempsey - 6 months ago
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Looking for biological parents to a boy born on 9/12/58 and giving up for adoption in Havre de Grace MD. If you have any info, please contact me #12
margaret - 2 weeks ago
i am searching for my 19 and 18 yr olds one was born 11/03/1995 and the other was born 01/29/1997 oldest is a boy and youngest is a girl i want them to meet there 2 brothers and 3 sisters i love all my kids very much and i feel empty without them i alrdy tried calling the adoption angency but they wont return my calls what do i do both my oldest kids were born in norristown pa #13
John ( baby Lillie) - 3 weeks ago
Despertly trying to find my birth mom who was 13 when she had me in 1962 her name was Diana j Lillie you have me a great life but I want nothing more than to meet you and have the rest of our lives together as mother and son . If anyone knows anything please contact me right away . My email is Lissbarrie45@ icloud. Com #14
leslie - 8 months ago
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Im searching for both of my girls one is 16 and her adopted name is Casey h. Fisher her birth name is honestasia a Barton her foster moms name was bonnie fisher my other daughters name is joccelynne a gaffney she will be 15 in November I live in Wichita Kansas and I was trying to get them back from youthville back in 1998 up to 2000 I've been trying to be part of there lives but the only person I knew to go through was a lady called Mrs rose up at the srs office up till 2014 and I desperate ly want to be part of there lives #15
SHAWN - 3 weeks ago
Iam looking for my son,i beilive his first name was kept.Born in pasco,Washington on august 1st.18 months old last time i seen him.Susan Bilahorki was going to adopt him. i was told this didnt happen.Shawn if you read this i would love to see you again!!!!!!!!!! CONTACT xxxxx. THAT IS YOUR BIOLOGICAL AUNT. SHE WILL GET IN TOUCH ASAP...... #16
Bobby - 2 months ago
I am searching for my daughter and son they was taking away from me when they was 3 and 1 years old they was born in tupelo hospital we was living at Tishomingo county when they got took away their birth name was paula Deanna moore and bobby ray moore jr and I am their dad bobby moore sr my number is xxxxx my addresss is 575 payne creek est Russellville ala 35654 any body got infor let me know thanks #17
Richard - 2 months ago
Looking for male child named Shylo given up for adoption by his mother Noreen in California in 1977, not sure if he actually my biological son because his mother would say that he was and then turn around and say he wasnt, we did have a close reationship up until the day his mom put him up for adoption. She that he went to a family in Texas. #18
kellie schmaus(pace) - 2 months ago
I am searching for my real parents. I was born 02/28/65. And my real mom grandmother made her give me upand I was adopted in spokane or yakima or somewhere in the state of Washington no one will tell me the truth and I have health issues that im dealing with that be helped if I knew my real parents. I just turned 50 this year , I live in winchester idaho and im on facebook if anyone know please tell me so I can meet them before I die. #19
Camille - 2 months ago
Birth mom looking for daughter born March 7,1972 @ West Penn Hospital Pittsburgh ,PA and placed by Catholic Charities in Steubenville, Ohio. Probably placed in the Steubenville area. She weighed 8lbs10oz. I named her Kirsten but probably her birthday parents changed that. Her father would no help me .He was a Coal Miner. I lived in Cadiz,Ohio.h #20

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