Birth Parents Looking For Adopted Children

Birth parents looking for adopted children have a few search and reunion options. If the birth mother placed the child with the help of an agency, she can return to the agency and ask if they have post-adoption services that help reconnect birth parents looking for adopted children. Some states, however, require birth parents to register with the state registry, which keeps track of all members of adoption parties searching for one another. State registries usually run on mutual consent, meaning that as soon as two parties register in search of the other they will be given basic contact info for the other or will be given access to an adoption record with the purpose of searching.

Birth parents can also attempt to reach an adopted child through the help of a private investigator. However, many details relevant to the child's new lifestyle and identity will be difficult to locate because a new birth certificate is issued to the child during the adoption finalization process.

It's also possible to petition the court for a confidential intermediary to access the adoption records and facilitate a search and communication between birth parents looking for adopted children. Birth parents can also register with an online database that allows searchers to manually look through other registrants. Some online databases and search services may cost money. Be sure to research the integrity of these businesses with the Better Business Bureau before investing in something that will financially and emotionally drain you.

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Michelle - 8 months ago
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I am searching for my son that I gave up at birth for adoption. I was a minor until the end of my pregnancy so I am not sure if there was a adoption agency or not my mother handled it all with a social worker I think. All I know is his birthdate is 10/24/1983 in Illinois please if anyone knows him or can help even if its his name he is my only child #1
Guest - 8 months ago
0 0 2
I had a Baby girl born July 16 1972 Elmira NY..... #2
Richard - 5 months ago
0 0 1
I am searching for my biological parents. I was born on September 29, 1980 at Hillcrest Hospital in Cleveland, OH. I was informed my birth mother was around 16-17 years old and my birth father was around 17-18 years old at the time. I was also informed I my birth mother was on the fence and then finally decided it was best to give me up for adoption which was finalized in December of 1980. The adoption took place with Catholic Charities. #3
JoAnne G - 10 months ago
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My 20 year old daughter was adopted from Colombia in 1993. Her birth mother was 13 or 14 years old. My daughter is busy in college now but really wants to find out about her roots, medical history etc. She was in Casa de Maria Y El Nino in Medellin and from what I understand, her biological grandmother brought her daughter from Southern Colombia to Medellin. My daughter would love to know more. Her birthname was Gloria Gomez date of birth 7-22-93 and was just, and still is, beautiful!!! I have two older sons also adopted from Casa de Maria, but not sure they have the interest my daughter does, But their names were Ricardo Mejia, born 11-12-90 and Santiago Calderon born 12-1-91. thanks #4
Sharon Dempsey - 4 months ago
0 0 1
Looking for biological parents to a boy born on 9/12/58 and giving up for adoption in Havre de Grace MD. If you have any info, please contact me #5
leslie - 6 months ago
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Im searching for both of my girls one is 16 and her adopted name is Casey h. Fisher her birth name is honestasia a Barton her foster moms name was bonnie fisher my other daughters name is joccelynne a gaffney she will be 15 in November I live in Wichita Kansas and I was trying to get them back from youthville back in 1998 up to 2000 I've been trying to be part of there lives but the only person I knew to go through was a lady called Mrs rose up at the srs office up till 2014 and I desperate ly want to be part of there lives #6
Camille - 1 week ago
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Birth mom looking for daughter born March 7,1972 @ West Penn Hospital Pittsburgh ,PA and placed by Catholic Charities in Steubenville, Ohio. Probably placed in the Steubenville area. She weighed 8lbs10oz. I named her Kirsten but probably her birthday parents changed that. Her father would no help me .He was a Coal Miner. I lived in Cadiz,Ohio.h #7
mary - 4 weeks ago
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I want to find my two boys oldest age 11 youngest 5 or 6. I'm working so hard to be a fit mother for my boys. I would love to have them back in my care. I'm so lonely without you two. Please come home. No matter what am still your mother. In need of getting you both back. #8
Guest - 7 months ago
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Searching birth mom..Dec1984 Wpb Florida boy.please help #9
Heather Rice - 1 month ago
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Hi, I am searching for my biological parents or family members. I was born January 5, 1973. I was adopted with my identical TWIN sister. We are desperately looking for a blood relatives. We need medical information in regards to Genetic diseases.. We were adopted around 74'-75' born in Hammond Indiana adopted through lake county welfare dept. Gary Indiana. Please contact me if you gave up twins or know of someone who gave up or had twin girls or had them taken. Please contact me. #10
McKenzie - 1 month ago
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I am searching for my friends birth parents. She was born on 1/6/1993 in Charlotte, NC. Her mother was 17 and her father was 22. Her father did not want to give her up and her mother was a child of adoption as well. Any information is appreciated. The adoption was through a Catholic Agency. #11
ARLENE ANGELICA - 1 month ago
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Linda - 2 months ago
0 1 1
Hi, I am looking for my son I gave up for adoption in October 1971 in Long Island New York. I was 15 years old and I think it was in a place on the North Shore of Long Island possibly Great Neck, New York #13
hopeful mother - 2 months ago
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seeking my beautiful baby boy who was seperated from me at 6 months as result of fathers actions and leading to his adoption due to fact that i was a minor and was not given an option or chance to keep him. he was born 12/19/96 as David Anthony Ruelas. any information would mean the world to me... forever in my heart and on my mind, you are not forgotten! #14
mother name is dongeneta collins - 2 years ago
0 0 2
im looking for Davasha latarra monique chambers--collins..never forgot about you baby...i love you always.. #15
Jamie .. Birth mother last name clark - 2 days ago
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Born 2/28/1969 in miami FL, girl, birth mother last name CLARK, Beautiful blue eyes...... Just found out...any info... Jamiesue28@ Thank you. #16
Beverly - 2 weeks ago
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I was born sept. 4 1958,adopted in Washington NC,They say it was a closed adoption please looking for any information about family I'm 56 years old lot of health issues need medical family history. #17
roseann - 3 weeks ago
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I am searching for my daughter she was born Jan,27 1966 born in St. Josephs Hospital Syracuse ny....adoption was through Catholic Charities Utica ny #18
Rebecca - 9 months ago
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Looking for a nephew who was given up for adoption, he was born in late 1968 or early 1969 in Broward County, FL #19
Heather Lutz aka Sheila Ann Stark - 6 months ago
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I'm looking for my birth mother, Alta Stark. I have two older half sisters, Debbie and Melissa. We were supposedly given up when I was just eight weeks old. Our birthmom was supposed to be very sick. We heard about seven years ago she might be alive. It's vital that I find her. I'm very sick, have been for last three years, the doctors have said to find out what we can so that we can try to figure out what's wrong with me. Please, if anyone knows anything that can help please let me know. #20
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