Birth Mother

Being a birth mother in the adoption triad, can make some women feel like they're the only person who didn't walk away with something "added" to their life. Sometimes they feel they were too naive or pressured by the other people around them to make a decision they weren't prepared for. Most of the time, the birth mother makes the decision in the child's best interest instead of her own. And that kind of sacrifice is one that she may feel goes unnoticed.

Making decisions after becoming pregnant can make one feel irrational, as there are so many hormonal changes taking place during a woman's first trimester. Luckily, there are so many social workers, counselors and health care providers who are looking to help a birth mother work through her adoption choices and rights.

As a birth mother, you have the right to choose who the child is placed with after birth. You choose to sign the paperwork that terminates your parental rights and you choose to allow the grace period in which you can revoke that decision to pass without changing your mind. You also choose whether or not you want to maintain a relationship with the adoptee and the adoptive parents post-placement.

It's common for birth mothers to mourn the adoption of a biological child and to think about the adoptee whenever large milestones in the child's life may pass, such as graduation or marriage. While these moments are not easy, the option for search and reunion is always a possibility once the child is 18. However, this is a complex side to the birth mother experience with plenty of legal hurdles explained in another section on

Other Info Birth mother (22)from england, here on a "lark" father (25)getting degree in engineering, managing a bar; Birth & Adoption Details Birth Place Baltimore, Maryland, Usa; Multiple Births N/A; Adoption Location Maryland; Birth Mother Details

Other Info Birth mother 22 born in il. not married at time. married once had daughter that was 2 at time of birth. did not want to marry birth father. Birth & Adoption Details Birth Place Bishop, California, Usa; Multiple Births N/A;

Birth Mother. 22 May. 2006 31 Mar. 2014 <­Mother&id ... May 22). Birth Mother. Retrieved March 31, 2014, from­Mother&id=203317. Chicago Style Citation: Baumgardner, Sue "Birth Mother." Birth Mother ...

birth mother 22-23, white, education 12 birth father 24-25, white, education 12 grandparents deaf (one county tells me its my mother's parents, but they've been known to give me inaccurate information before, so it could be my father's parents)

Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: 20 Feb 1864: MN, Fillmore Co., Sumner Twp. Malone, Sovey (female) Father: 7 Nov 1825: Malone, George R. Mother: 22 Jul 1831: Caroline: Birth: ...

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Mariesa - 6 months ago
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I am looking for my birth family. I am a girl born 4/6/1984 in Harris county, Houston, Tx. I was adopted through Lutheran Social Services and my adoption was finalized in Bexar County, San Antonio, Tx 10/29/1984.I dont have a lot of information to go off of but finding my birth family would mean a lot. #1
Jeffrey - 7 months ago
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I was born in Los Angeles, CA on May 10th, 1969. My birth name was Jeffrey. Looking for birth mother, father, siblings. Thank you #2
James - 8 months ago
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I was born in Wilmington Delaware February 14th, 1953. My birth name was Gephardt. Looking for birth mother, father, siblings. Thank you #3
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