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Hundreds of adoptees from different adoptive backgrounds choose to conduct birth family searches every month. They search for medical reasons, to locate a birth sibling or out of curiosity. And they don't do it alone. A birth family search requires some form of mediation. This means registering with a state registry for access to an adoption record, registering with an online database or hiring a private investigator to help locate a birth relative.

The first place an adoptee hoping to locate and contact his or her birth family is a support group for searching adoptees. It's suggested that an adoptee goes first to the state registry, where he or she will be contacted if a member of the birth family also registers and mutually consents to being contacted by another member of the adoption party. If nothing comes of the state registry, an adoptee can petition to have a court ordered confidential intermediary look through the adoption record and establish mediated contact between the two parties. Adoptees can also search online through databases of users who may be a possible match to his or her search.

Every search, regardless of methodology, will require time, patience and a mind that's open to whatever the result may be. A birth mother may have gotten married and started a family. Or, she may still live in her hometown and not have much to speak for. Birth relatives may also decline a meeting or reunion with an adoptee.

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Mary Kate - 4 weeks ago
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Looking for birth mother. I was born in Harford CT. on March 18, 1968. I was blessed into a family (4 of the 5 of us were adopted around 2-2.5 months old through Catholic Charities adopted) that gave me nothing less than unconditional love, everlasting support and always love. I would love to hear from my birth mother mostly out of curiosity and to simply say thank you. I have a wonderful family, am happy with my life and would be interested in saying hello and hearing about you and your life. I believe you were 19 and my birth father was 19. If you have any info, please contact me. Thank you! #1
Guest - 2 weeks ago
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I was born Nov 19,1968 Born Baby Girl Dunn at Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News, VA 7lbs 8oz. I was adopted to NY Jewish family. Looking for any birth family. Lawyers were Joel Arnold and Arthur Eisenman Jr. Birth Father could have been in the military and may not know I even exist. xxxx #2
Barbara - 1 month ago
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Looking for birth mother. Nov 21, 1955 General Hospital Kansas City, Mo #3
gregory don garcia - 3 weeks ago
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was adopted Oct. 26 1965 by Celestino and Helga Garcia in Danver. Was born on 23 May 1965. state file # 10511xxxxx60 Both adopted parents have passed. Would like to locate birth parents. xxxx #4
Ryan - 4 weeks ago
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Looking for my birth mother. Born October 15 1994 in Clackamas County Oregon. I've been told my mothers name was Jennifer Boss. #5
hye-in (amy) - 2 months ago
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I was born on november 1st, 1984 in seoul korea. My birthmothers name is hye-in kim,born 1960 june 11. my biological father was a militair in the korean war.he was an african american. m trying to find my mother and I heard that she moved out of korea.maybe to america??? does anybody know her. also she is the only one who knows who my father is. I want to know who my parents are. (xxxx) #6
Mary - 6 months ago
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I have been looking for Dawn born 1972 possibly 71 August 4. am dyslexic so the search is difficult. I haven't seen Dawn since birth in Green Bay Wi. Please leave a message here I will attempt to register with the state of wi. #7
Matthew - 6 months ago
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I was born on 2/5/70 @ 10:02 AM, in Denver, CO. The birth certificate indicates "Hospital" so I have no idea what hospital I was born at. The name of the social worker from Denver is LoRee Conner and the name of the social worker from Bent County (city of Las Animas) is Mrs Hansen. My adoptive parents' attorney was Fred E. Sisk. My adoptive mother told me that she thought my name was Mark and I was living with foster parents in Denver. I found a paper with my biological parents info on it: Mother was was 5'6", 115 lb, Dark Brown Hair with Red tint, Brown eyes and complextion was light Olive. Father was 5'1", 112 lb, Dark Brown hair, Brown eyes and complextion was dark. I weighed 8 lb 3 1/2 oz, 22 inches long. Birth certificate is from the State of Colorado, and the only numbers I can find on it are: 10xxxxx37, SL388481 and State File Number: 00007 The birth certificate was received by local vital statistics on 2/11/71. So I know there has to be a birth certificate with information on i #8
kimberly-searching for adoptee - 1 month ago
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searching for niece.born boston city 11-2?-1967-68.mothers name mary she is now 65 yrs old.was closed adoption and given up same xxxx #9
Maureen - 3 months ago
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Looking for birth parents/siblings. I was born on 5/27 in Florida. Birth parents from New York. Birth mother named me. #10
Brittany - 8 months ago
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I was born January 21,1977 at St. Elizabeth Hospital In Covington, Ky. I was told my birth mother's last name was Russell and she was from the Cincinatti area. She had four children all 10 to 15 years older than myself. I also have a different father. I currently live in Lexington,Ky. #11
Richard - 4 months ago
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I was born in 1954, August. I have been looking for my birth Mother or the family since I turned 40. My birth name was Richard Troiano #12
Lindsay - 3 months ago
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Born November 24,1964 Omaha Ne. #13
Franklin D. McCann - 9 months ago
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Looking 4 2 cousin,1 is jimmy mccann, linda mccann,who their Father name was Paul W. McCann,been searching 4 along time,thank have a wonderful great day.... #14
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