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Hundreds of adoptees from different adoptive backgrounds choose to conduct birth family searches every month. They search for medical reasons, to locate a birth sibling or out of curiosity. And they don't do it alone. A birth family search requires some form of mediation. This means registering with a state registry for access to an adoption record, registering with an online database or hiring a private investigator to help locate a birth relative.

The first place an adoptee hoping to locate and contact his or her birth family is a support group for searching adoptees. It's suggested that an adoptee goes first to the state registry, where he or she will be contacted if a member of the birth family also registers and mutually consents to being contacted by another member of the adoption party. If nothing comes of the state registry, an adoptee can petition to have a court ordered confidential intermediary look through the adoption record and establish mediated contact between the two parties. Adoptees can also search online through databases of users who may be a possible match to his or her search.

Every search, regardless of methodology, will require time, patience and a mind that's open to whatever the result may be. A birth mother may have gotten married and started a family. Or, she may still live in her hometown and not have much to speak for. Birth relatives may also decline a meeting or reunion with an adoptee.

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Barbara - 1 year ago
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Looking for birth mother. Nov 21, 1955 General Hospital Kansas City, Mo #1
Tabitha - 3 weeks ago
I'm looking for my brother. He was born in Richmond, Indiana to a Betsy Mason and Jeremy Kelley. I'm not urea about the birth date but I think it's somewhere between 1xxxxx. I think he lives in Connecticut or California. I would be grateful if anyone has any information on him. #2
Mary - 1 year ago
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I have been looking for Dawn born 1972 possibly 71 August 4. am dyslexic so the search is difficult. I haven't seen Dawn since birth in Green Bay Wi. Please leave a message here I will attempt to register with the state of wi. #3
Matthew - 1 year ago
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I was born on 2/5/70 @ 10:02 AM, in Denver, CO. The birth certificate indicates "Hospital" so I have no idea what hospital I was born at. The name of the social worker from Denver is LoRee Conner and the name of the social worker from Bent County (city of Las Animas) is Mrs Hansen. My adoptive parents' attorney was Fred E. Sisk. My adoptive mother told me that she thought my name was Mark and I was living with foster parents in Denver. I found a paper with my biological parents info on it: Mother was was 5'6", 115 lb, Dark Brown Hair with Red tint, Brown eyes and complextion was light Olive. Father was 5'1", 112 lb, Dark Brown hair, Brown eyes and complextion was dark. I weighed 8 lb 3 1/2 oz, 22 inches long. Birth certificate is from the State of Colorado, and the only numbers I can find on it are: 10xxxxx37, SL388481 and State File Number: 00007 The birth certificate was received by local vital statistics on 2/11/71. So I know there has to be a birth certificate with information on i #4
dora - 1 month ago
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looking for my lil brother Vincent Michael Hernandez last think I kno her got adopted out to the state Vermont its been 14 years without him and im tired of wonder what my brother looks like how is he? does he remember me/us ad im sorry they took you mom ad dad was not in their right minds and theres not one day that I don't think about you you have 4brothers gonzie greg Conrad and zalo and 4sisters Melissa Jennifer me(dora) and sarah please help me find my brother........... #5
Ashley - 7 months ago
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I am looking for any info tha would help me find my fathers real parents. He was adopted in Calf. and his adoptive parents were Harley and Martha Downard. I would love to meet someone that may know or have known him. If so I would greatly appreciate it. I dont know his real last name but his date of birth is oct 1961. #6
Sue - 6 days ago
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Born 7/31/55 at Mission Hospital, in Huntington Park, CA looking for any biological family. Was told there were siblings #7
Mary - 2 weeks ago
looking family Howard Buffalo New York born 1963,1965,1970 #8
Stephanie - 3 weeks ago
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I was born on January 9,1984 at Lee Memorial Hospital in Ft. Myers, FL this was a closed adoption and I have no information at all. I do know the lawyer and name of the firm to compare for confirmation. stephiekrivacs@xxxxxx,com #9
Garrett - 8 months ago
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I was born on February 7, 1978 (and adopted on March 9, 1978) in St. Louis, MO. At Barnes Jewish Hospital, I believe. I think the name I was going to be given was "Travis." I'd really like to get information about my biological parents and other relatives. #10
Dorsi Erika Lang (mother Maria Lang ) - 9 months ago
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I was born January 4th 1953 in Werneck Germany to a Maria Lang and was named Dorsi Erika Lang. Maria placed me for adoption in 1954 in Kitzingen Germany and I was adopted by Muriel and Clarence Johnson of the USA. on August 23, 1954. I was renamed Vicki Joan Johnson and I currently live in Olympia, Washington, USA.I was 19 months old at the time of the adoption. I do know that Maria had at least one other child, a son who was my half brother and younger than I. There is the possibility that my birth family may have moved to the USA. I would like any assistance locating any of my biological family. I currently have two sons and 4 grandchildren and it is very important that I be able to find some information about my biological family for medical reasons. #11
Carolyn - 4 weeks ago
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Searching for birth parents ! Adopted in Concord NC in June 1967 thru cabarrus county dss . DOB may 1 1967.( within a few days )! Contact roberts.carolyn@i #12
Melissa - 10 months ago
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I was born at Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital in Inglewood, CA and was put up for adoption through LA County. Back in 2001-02 I was able to view birth records which corresponded with the time and date of my birth, the shocker in this as that there were two entries for two girls with my exact information. There were no first names listed, of course, but the last names were Jurado and DeCelorio. I don't know how do go about viewing those lists again because I don't have a first and last name to search by. The names I did find were also on the otherwise painfully vague adoption paperwork my adopted mother gave to me. I don't know that I want to make contact but I hope anyone in similar circumstances can empathize with the identity crisis of having a birth certificate filled with information that exists nowhere else in reach. If anyone can help me navigate this situation I would be deeply grateful. Thank you, Melissa #13
Lynn - 5 months ago
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Looking for birth mother and father. Born Dec. 1 1963 Newport News Va. #14
Jennifer - 9 months ago
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I am searching for any children my father had that may have been put up for adoption. My fathers name is Roy Garth Dickinson. He was a truck driver and had children all over the country. So far I have found 13 brothers and 6 sisters. From what I understand was that some of the kids were put up for adoption. They would have been born between the 50's to the 70's. #15
Mary Kate - 1 year ago
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Looking for birth mother. I was born in Harford CT. on March 18, 1968. I was blessed into a family (4 of the 5 of us were adopted around 2-2.5 months old through Catholic Charities adopted) that gave me nothing less than unconditional love, everlasting support and always love. I would love to hear from my birth mother mostly out of curiosity and to simply say thank you. I have a wonderful family, am happy with my life and would be interested in saying hello and hearing about you and your life. I believe you were 19 and my birth father was 19. If you have any info, please contact me. Thank you! #16
Andrea - 8 months ago
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I am looking for my birth family. My brother (Bobby) and I (Christina) were adopted together in California around 1977. My DOB: 10/11/1975 and my brother's DOB: 03/27/1974. Any help will be appreciated. #17
Deborah - 9 months ago
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I was born on September 14, 1968 in the town of Urbana, New York and placed up for adoption. I received information approximately 10 years ago indicating my mother was a high school graduate and waitress when I was born and she had a four year old son. My name at adoption became Deborah Lynn Becker and would like to find my mother, brother or any family. #18
ERIC - 8 months ago
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I am Eric Tand and i am looking for my birth family i was born in Florida in Dec 1963 to a family in NY don't know much about my family all i know is i was born in Hialeah general . #19
Jason Ray Hodge - 10 months ago
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Looking for Daughter She was Put up For Adoption in Bartow Fla. 93-94. Her Name Was Baby Girl "Buechler". Mothers Name Is Dawn. Iv Been Looking For 19Years. She Should Be Around The Age 20-21. I'm Located In Odin Il. xxxxx Hasn't And Won't Be A Min.,Hour Nor Day That's Gone By I Haven't Worried or Thought about U! #20

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