Biracial Children

It's hard to put a biological tag on DNA when it comes to identifying race. However, the appearance of a biracial child is something that even middle school children can recognize and, unfortunately, discriminate against. Biracial children are those who are genetically related to two people of different ethnic or racial backgrounds. For example, an infant with a Caucasian mother and Asian father or Asian father and African American mother would be a biracial child.

Being biracial and adopted can be twice as difficult as being solely adopted or biracial because they're both associated with identity issues in teenagers. If a child is biracial and adopted into a family that does not have other biracial children or parents who look like they could be biologically related to the child, this can pose tough questions from the child's friends or teachers. For example, was the child had out of wedlock?

Even in a family in which a child is secure and the family openly discusses adoption, it may be important for the adoptive parents to allow the child to explore his or her racial roots. In some ways, being able to identify with multiple heritages is an opportunity some children would be envious of. However hard that can seem as a young teenager who just wants to fit in. Tell the adoptee that being unique is something that will be appreciated much later in their life and they should embrace it. And be sure to help them do so with cultural centers or whatever else they choose to pursue.

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