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As an adoptive parent of an infant, there's a good chance you'll get to name your baby after it's born. Some women keep lists of first and middle names before they're even married or making plans to start a family. Other women plan to wait until they have the child in their arms and a name comes to them.

Finding the perfect name for a child takes a lot of thought though. Things to consider: What the name rhymes with, how it sounds with the last name, what the child's initials spell out, and whether it's a common or unique name. Baby names are a matter of taste, of course, but family names can be a sensitive topic for some families. Passing down a family name is a great way for the child to grow into a sense of identity with the family, but other family members may at first be opposed to it as the child won't be biologically related to the namesake. As with most other adoption advice concerning extended family, it's suggested that the adoptive couple do what they want and the family will grow to love and accept their decisions.

Some people believe that children grow into their names, so putting thought into the name meaning or other people you've known with that name isn't an uncommon practice and may in fact affect who the child grows to be in some small way.

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My youngest is a May baby. :]. 20 May 2009 Apple, Suri and Shiloh may be household names because their parents are stars, ... Baby Girl Names. 22 Oct 2008 The choice of baby names grows ever larger in 2009 with pop culture This

22 April 2010: 3 comments. On 4 August 1903, Cardinal Giuseppe Sarto became the 257th Pope of the Catholic Church. Later that day, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Picking of Bloomfield, New Jersey welcomed a baby boy. Despite being Episcopalians, they named their baby Arthur Sarto Picking.

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