Babies Waiting For Adoption

Babies waiting for adoption are doing so within future birth mothers, foster care and international orphanages. Prospective parents can find photos of a handful of the hundreds of thousands waiting to be adopted in online photolistings or those in a few of the adoption magazines out there. Photolistings are a great way to get in contact with different agencies as well as to get a feel for the kind of babies waiting for adoption.

A baby waiting for adoption is quite different than a child waiting for adoption. Only limited amounts of useful information can be given about a baby before adoption. Babies, which tend to be categorized as between 0 and 2 years of age, are functioning too basically to seem unique to the other hundreds of profile pictures one sees in a photolisting.

Things that can set babies apart, other than a face-to-face connection between prospective parents and an infant, is the baby's Apgar score. An Apgar test will rank the child's reflexes for normalcy and can be a good measurement of the child's developmental capability. Although, as with all infant adoption, the personality and development of the child will always be variable.

For international infant adoption, the baby is usually placed with a couple who then visits the orphanage and finalizes the acceptance of the child. International infant adoption is more of a sure thing than domestic infant adoption. However, the pros and cons of both depends on the prospective parents.

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We are kid tested and approved! Cameron and Reed and so excited to be big brothers. We hope 2014 is our year to welcome a new little one into our family. Our hearts and home are open. [more]

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Derrick (TX / 15 / M)
Derrick is a great youth who is looking forward to being adopted. He loves to be hugged and strives for affection from his caregivers. He likes to be the center of attention... [more]

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