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The number of available babies for adoption has dropped over the last few decades, according to various research. This is mostly due to declining pregnancy rates due to various biological reasons and the use of contraceptives. However, despite the small percentage of women placing their children, there are still ways to find babies for adoption.

Using a private agency to facilitate a relationship between a pregnant woman seeking placement is one method. Another is to adopt independently, searching for a pregnant ads or placing one's own adoption profile ad for potential birth mothers to answer - if you seek ads placed by pregnant women, then be sure to verify it is a legitimate transaction.

When looking for a baby to adopt, be realistic about what you want in a child.

Adopting a baby has some perks for first-time parents. Babies best replicate the feeling of having the child themselves, and many couples also prefer the ability to shape the child's growth and personality from as early an age as possible.

There is always a bit of chance thrown into the game of infant adoption, such as what the baby will be like when it's born and what kind of prenatal care the pregnant woman has engaged in. The same can go for other babies for adoption, but it's important to ask for as detailed medical information about the baby before adopting.

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Heather - 7 months ago
Me and my husband are looking for a baby to adopt. Due to my medical problems in unable to have any more children. The baby would have an excellent home and be loved so very much. We love kids. I keep my sisters 6 kids all the time but there's nothing like having your own. #1
Looking for Angels - 2 months ago
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Julia Johnson - Me and my hubby has lost a little angel a little while back and would and are able to have any more kids, I do have a little for of 6 so if you wish let me know as I would love to care and love you two little angels- mail me if you wish to chat #2
addie - 1 month ago
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My husband n I r looking to adopt, my husband has kids which now I'm there step parent, but when I was little I was. Told there. Was a chance I couldn't have kids , my dream is to be a mom, I LOVE babies n want to be a mom to a new born #3
Guest - 6 months ago
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Julia Johnson - I would more than LOVE to adopt your twins. They would join a loving family. We live on a few acres just outside town in California and cannot have more children. Our 3 1/2 year old daughter would love to help spoil your babies! #4
Michelle - 6 months ago
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We are seeking to adopt an African American baby, and twins would be even more great!! We had a frozen embryo transfer in July, via gestational surrogate, that ended in a Miscarriage. Those were the last of our embryos so now we are looking into other alternatives to completing our family. Would love to chat with anyone interested. Thanks! #5
Tina - 3 months ago
Trying. To find. A baby. Adoption #6
Julia Johnson - 7 months ago
I found out that I'm having twins and i don't know if I want them so I'm trying to find them a good home to go to when they are born #7
nikki - 7 months ago
im looking to adopt a newborn, due to medical conditions i cannot have children of my own. baby would have such a loving home... #8
Heather - 7 months ago
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I would love to adopt twins! Julia, are you serious? If you decide you want to put them up for adoption, I would love to talk to you. #9
Angie - 7 months ago
0 1 0
I would love to adopt #10

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