Advantages Of Adoption

There are literally millions of adopted children in the U.S. and millions of adopted adults who received a second chance at life through adoption. Whether their second chance came from a birth mother who was unprepared to take care of a child after her pregnancy or from a child who lived in the foster care system, each adopted child was given a life that was financially and emotionally supportive. Because of this, the advantages of adoption will always outnumber any obstacles that adoption may bring.

One advantage of state, public or "free" adoption is the financial aid and reimbursements available to help a couple bring a child into their family for as little cost as possible. The children adopted from the foster system will have more personality for a couple to get to know and any special needs will likely already be present. The public system adoption is very transparent.

An advantage of adoption via independent facilitation or private agency comes in the form of infant adoption. Infant adoption allows an adoptive couple to raise the child from infancy and mold its environment from a highly impressionable age. Infant adoption has the advantage of as near-biological feel as possible for adoptive couples. It's great for first-time parents who want to experience parenthood to the fullest and feel in control of their role in the child's life.

An advantage of adoption from an international agency is the knowledge of bringing a child from a developing country into a lifestyle and new culture they may have never experienced otherwise. Often, many orphanages do not have sufficient opportunities and staff for the children to receive adequate attention - international adoption allows couples to not only change the life of a child but to also make a donation to the child's orphanage of origin.

Family controversy over adoption of 20 y/o former foster son. The winds of change are blowing! ... 09-22-2004, 12:25 AM Just Julie. Senior Member.

Family controversy over adoption of 20 y/o former foster son. The winds of change are blowing! ... 09-22-2004, 12:25 AM Just Julie. Senior Member.

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