Adult Adoption

Adoption, at the core of everything is a legally binding process, in which a family unit is born and one or more adults agree to take parental custody of a child and its well-being. However, sometimes the adoption process involves the adoption of adults by fellow adults. So to speak.

Adult adoption is that of adopting someone over the age of 18. Some states are more strict than others, but in every case the adopter will need legal consent from the adoptee to finalize the adoption. An adult may opt to be adopted at 18 if he or she became a legal adult before he or she was available for adoption in the foster care system. It is also sometimes done for legal purposes, particularly to secure inheritance. Some adult adoptees may also choose to be adopted by their birth parents after a successful search and reunion.

Some states have their own exceptions to the adult adoption: Michigan and Nebraska do not allow adult adoption. In Arizona, the adult has to be under 21. Alabama only allows adult with severe disabilities to be adopted. Ohio only allows adults who have established a relationship via foster or stepparent or those with severe mental and physical disabilities to be adopted after their 18th birthday. Foreign adult adoption is less lenient of a process and should be evaluated on a case basis.

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Shi - 3 months ago
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I am a 21 year old male, browned skinned, Half Japanese, half Brazilian mixed with Hawaiian and american Indian. I have been having a hard time at life. prviously being adopted by people who didnt actually care for me. Though i'm not much of a kid anymore, i still would like to have a home and people who care for me. I'm out of a home now and struggling a bit. I hope anyone who reads this who would like to have an addition to their family could reach out to me. a real family is all i ever wanted. #1
crystal - 3 months ago
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Roberta, I am also having a hard time finding information. I google it occasionally and end up giving up. I know its rare to, but I thought you can find anything on the net! Haha Back to google I go! Abby, I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Just think about your future and those who truly love and care for you. Hugs! #2
abby - 3 months ago
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I'm 19 and I live in CT and I have parents but we have many, many problems that are deep rooted, I moved out the day before prom at 18 and have been living with my brother and his girlfriend and there baby for a lil while. the problem is the people in my lives are all very unstable, parents, brother, his girlfriend everyone drinks and some do drugs.. its bad! I just want parents and I don't feel like I have them now so I was wondering would I have to disown my current parents in order to be considered for this? #3
Angeline - 4 months ago
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Wow... living in Nebraska this is really sad. My adult foster child (who was allowed to go home at 17 and is now 19 wishing I could have adopted her while she was in my care) can not be adopted by me because I live in Nebraska? This is crazy. #4
roberta - 3 months ago
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i am a 43 yr old mom of 3 adult children. i want nothing more than to adopt someone who wants a family. i have a hard time finding where to go to find someone who is looking for parents. everyone needs a family and a home to go to. #5
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