Adult Adoptees

Adult adoptees are those who are adopted over the age of 18. Obviously this kind of adoption works very differently from that of infant or child adoption and every state has different laws governing the legality of adult adoption. For an adoption to take place, the adult adoptee will need to give his or her consent. This consent means the adopter will have legal parental responsibility over the adult and both parties agree to be a family, legally.

Outside of the symbolic gesture that an adult adoption can be, it's also a practical option. Adults who were unable to be adopted but became legal adults while in the foster system can opt to have their foster parents adopt them. Other adult adoptees may want to be adopted by their birth parents after conducting a successful search and reunion. Sometimes adult adoptees choose to be adopted as a way to legally bind themselves to an inheritance.

Nebraska and Michigan are the only two states in the United States that do not allow anyone over 18 to be adopted. Other states, like Arizona, have an upper limit of 21 years old. Other states, like Ohio, only permit adult adoption to adults and caregivers if there is an established foster or stepparent relationship between the adoptee and adopters. States will also usually make exceptions for adults with severe mental and physical disabilities.

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Heather perkins - 1 week ago
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Leisl - 1 year ago
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This is clearly another of thousands of sites for infant and adolescent! I think it is beautiful but there are adults who are orphans or lost one or both parents to death. There are adults whose parent/parents were the worst kind of abusive and desperately need loving parents. There are so many older couples that dont have children earther by choice or not who have plenty to offer! Some of us who would not know a loving parental word or touch if it bit them, there may be some sick people who would try to gain financially from something but speaking for myself, I desperately need a mommy (mine passed 36 yrs ago) and a daddy that does not make me physically sick just being present. I really wish someone would put together info on people willing to adopt adults. #2
James - 2 months ago
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I was born in Wilmington Delaware February 14th, 1953. My birth name was Gephardt. Looking for birth mother, father, siblings. Thank you #3
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