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If you're considering adopting from South America, it may be because there is no age limit or marital requirement to adopt from most South American countries, certain countries do not require you to fly out to bring the child to the U.S. (the child can be escorted), the child's country of origin is closer to the U.S. than other countries, and the adoption fees are relatively cheap.

Very few children, in comparison to Asia and Russia, are adopted from South America. However, Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala are the top-three South American countries that place children up for adoption, and Guatemala has the highest placement-population ratio of any other country, according to data reported by the Bureau of Consular Affairs. About 11 percent international adoptees came from Guatemala in 2007, according to the chartbook Adoption USA. However, the U.S. stopped counting the number of children to come in from Guatemala due to concerns that the country wasn't abiding by the international guidelines drawn up by the Hague Convention.

Many children in South America find themselves up for adoption because of poverty, and their wait for adoption is generally spent in foster care. However, some countries do have adoptable children reside in orphanages.

If you're interested in adopting from South America, you may want to contact the New York-based nonprofit Latin America Parents Association at

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