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Adoption search describes the decision an adoptee, birth parent or other birth relative makes to find one another after the adoption experience has severed any former contact.

Why someone is doing and adoption search dictates how difficult and time-consuming it will be. The most popular search reason for adoptees and birth relatives is "medical history," according to a study by Kowal and Schilling. But many adoptees, birth siblings and birth parents are simply curious about one another.

In many adoption search cases, states do not have laws prohibiting the release of non-identifying information on the parties involved in an adoption. This information includes descriptions of the occupation of a birth parent, the reason for adoption, whether or not the adoptee had siblings at the time of adoption and other discrete information about the birth family. Many states require intermediaries, voluntary consent, or counseling before permitting someone involved in an adoption to access information required for search and reunion.

If the adoptee was placed by the foster system, there is a good chance the birth parents' lives haven't changed since the time of adoption. If an adoptee is coming from an infant adoption, his or her birth mother or father may have moved on and started a family when they were more prepared. International adoption searches are complicated by factors like language and distance. However, there are international adoption search groups that offer services more specialized needs.

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Did you mean: adoption searches or adoption arc or adoption fears?

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Pauli - 6 months ago
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My husband was born 10/25/1969 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Need help with medical issues. #1
Maribet - 3 months ago
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Looking for a baby girl born 7/10/77 in Good Samaritan Hospital Suffern NY. Her mom named her Heather Allyn. Her adoptive parents thought they might keep one of the two names in addition to what they would name her. Your birth Mom has never stopped missing you! You are in her thoughts every day. She can still feel you in her arms. #2
Deb - 8 months ago
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I was born with the name Rachael Elizabeth Zampelli on March 28, 1970 in Los Angeles to Jan Elizabeth Richardson. Looking for Jan, who was born June 30, 1953. I was born in downtown L.A. at a halfway house run by nuns. Can't recall the name, but it is no longer there. Jan was a student at Wilson HS in Long Beach, CA at the time. #3
Joann - 6 days ago
My half brother born around 1950 in Ny give up for adoption. Would like to find him. Birth mother Florence Bittan. #4
Kim - 10 months ago
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Hi everyone. My siblings and I are looking for our brother who my mother put up for adoption. We do not know his birthdate but we believe he was born in San Antonio, Texas and possibly put up for adoption at the age of 10 months old. This was an open adoption. The name my parents gave him was James Cody Hardin. My mother's name is Patricia Lynn Hardin (Graham is her maiden name) and my father's name is Dan Lee Hardin (maybe known as Daniel or Danny). Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. #5
Debi - 8 months ago
researching father's family history. Father doesn't know much about his family. Father was born 1893 in Maryland and had a twin brother, Walter. Charles (and possibly Walter) was adopted. No further information. 1920 census shows him married to Henrietta (Thomas)in Columbus Ohio. 1900 census shows a Charles E Taylor w/ Father's name, Charles H. 1910 census shows a Charles E w/Father's name, Emory C. any info. will be helpful! #6
Kelly - 1 month ago
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Looking for a male, born in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1962. I am a sibling. #7
Carol - 9 months ago
Hi! My I am helping my boyfriend look for his birth mother and possibly some siblings he could have. He was put up for adoption in early 1960's . He was adopted in Minot N Dakota in around 1962 ? His name is Curtis Wolf .He has a birth certificate but it has the adopted parents name on them. I hope we can find someone that can lead us to find . Thanks #8
Zach 2Sick - 4 months ago
I was born Zachary DeSpain Chance but after I was adopted they changed my name..can I get that legally changed back now that im over 18? #9
tina - 9 months ago
Hi my name is tina I'm looking for my siblings a brother and sister they are twins their birth names were amber Bryant. and alex bryant the last time i knew of them being with our birth mom i believe was back in dec of 95' but i could be wrong i don't know there birthdays but i do know they were born in springfield missouri if anyone has any information please i would gladly like to meet them thanks. #10
harriet mclennon - 5 months ago
hi I would like to the little who was adopt her birth mom was name Randi marshall the little girl was name passion marshall but her adopt mom name her alesia I would like to say hello #11
Marie - 1 year ago
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I am looking for a little girl that was born in May 1977, her mother gave her name Lisa Marie, she was born in Chicago IL, in the Wigley Field area. Lisa mother was Lynn Marie Saalig. Lynn worked at a bar called Otok Lounge,any information will be great. #12
Roger - 10 months ago
Hello, my mother put up my little sister for adoption between the years of 1966 to 1968. I am sorry for the poor memory but I was just a child then. My mother full name at the time of the adoption was Betty Joyce Hamrick. The place of birth was the Edna Gladney home for pregnant women in Fort Worth Texas. If anyone has any information about this adoption I would appreciate it if you contact me via email. My EM address is xxxx. Thank You #13
Tony - 11 months ago
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I am helping my husband find his birth mother/family. He was born on December 8, 1959 in Philadelphia, PA and was adopted by the Sneidar Family in May 1960 from St. Vincent's Home in the Tacony section of Philadelphia. If you have any information please contact us at xxxx #14
Jessica - 1 year ago
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I am searching to find my sister my mother gave her up for an adoption in 1972 I believe her name she was givein was Tina Marie she was born in st ann Missouri ! Her mothers name was Deborah shroyer please any information would be great thanks #15
Lisa Marie Saalig (Lynn Marie Saalig) - 11 months ago
Hi Marie, I believe I have information regarding your request on Lisa Marie Saalig, daughter of Lynn Marie Saalig, born May 1977 in Chicago, IL. She is the niece of Beverly Saalig (Milone) and cousin of Nichole Milone and Michelle Casazza. Please reach out via email to: xxxx #16
Guest - 9 months ago
Hi, I am looking for my brother and sister who were adopted by a family. Jonathan and Amanda, born 16 september 1992 and 16 january 1994. I was a closed adoption in Florida, would love to get in contact #17
Mark - 1 year ago
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I was born Robert Eugene Sexton in the Memphis area I was adopted by the best parents . I would like to find my birth parents for health reasons #18
tess michel - 10 months ago
born baby girl 9-27-1981. roseburg, OR. Dr. Nash was Dr.I'm looking for family or mainly health records. xxxx #19
Patricia - 1 year ago
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I was born in Baltimore Md. on 10/07/56 at 11:22am. I was adopted from the infant orphanage at 10 wks old. I'm looking for my birth parents mainly for medical purposes. I have 3 children that I would also like to pass on that medical history and possibly geneology. I have a wonderful life but would just like to fill in this little hole with the knowledge of my origins. #20

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