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Adoption search describes the decision an adoptee, birth parent or other birth relative makes to find one another after the adoption experience has severed any former contact.

Why someone is doing and adoption search dictates how difficult and time-consuming it will be. The most popular search reason for adoptees and birth relatives is "medical history," according to a study by Kowal and Schilling. But many adoptees, birth siblings and birth parents are simply curious about one another.

In many adoption search cases, states do not have laws prohibiting the release of non-identifying information on the parties involved in an adoption. This information includes descriptions of the occupation of a birth parent, the reason for adoption, whether or not the adoptee had siblings at the time of adoption and other discrete information about the birth family. Many states require intermediaries, voluntary consent, or counseling before permitting someone involved in an adoption to access information required for search and reunion.

If the adoptee was placed by the foster system, there is a good chance the birth parents' lives haven't changed since the time of adoption. If an adoptee is coming from an infant adoption, his or her birth mother or father may have moved on and started a family when they were more prepared. International adoption searches are complicated by factors like language and distance. However, there are international adoption search groups that offer services more specialized needs.

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andrew - 2 weeks ago
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Looking for my sister. Her name was Dominique Angelique Natale at the time. Lived in Denver Colorado.she was around 7 when she was taken from the home. Mothers name was Mary Beth natale. #1
Mark - 4 months ago
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I was born Robert Eugene Sexton in the Memphis area I was adopted by the best parents . I would like to find my birth parents for health reasons #2
Patricia - 2 months ago
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I was born in Baltimore Md. on 10/07/56 at 11:22am. I was adopted from the infant orphanage at 10 wks old. I'm looking for my birth parents mainly for medical purposes. I have 3 children that I would also like to pass on that medical history and possibly geneology. I have a wonderful life but would just like to fill in this little hole with the knowledge of my origins. #3
Steve - 2 months ago
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I was born in Madison, Indiana on September 19, 1953. My birth mother's name at the time was Gertrude Wilson. I can be contacted at xxxx. #4
Randi - 2 months ago
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Born November 17, 1958 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I am female and blonde. No other information. #5
jack stark - 2 months ago
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also last name Rohr #6
Marie - 4 months ago
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I am looking for a little girl that was born in May 1977, her mother gave her name Lisa Marie, she was born in Chicago IL, in the Wigley Field area. Lisa mother was Lynn Marie Saalig. Lynn worked at a bar called Otok Lounge,any information will be great. #7
Jessica - 2 months ago
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I am searching to find my sister my mother gave her up for an adoption in 1972 I believe her name she was givein was Tina Marie she was born in st ann Missouri ! Her mothers name was Deborah shroyer please any information would be great thanks #8
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