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It's perfectly normal for triad members to wonder about one another after an adoption is finalized, time passes and things change. In fact, many birth parents and adoptees may find themselves wondering about the other around large milestones, such as when the child would be starting school, graduating or getting married. Adoption is a legal surrender of parental rights, so getting legal consent from both adoption parties before opening a sealed adoption record can be tricky and delay the search process. Some states may have counseling requirements in addition to their adoption registry.

Each state has its own laws that regulate the release of information on parties involved in an adoption. Most states have a form of adoption registry through which two sides of the adoption triad can decide to reunite or release information to the other party.

There are two forms of registry: active and passive. Passive registries are voluntary and require mutual consent from either the adoptive family or adoptee and the birth parents to release identifying information within an adoption record. About 30 states have mutual consent registries. Active registries only require one party to consent and an agency will contact the other party involved and request consent.

To find a adoption registry in your state, contact the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse or Child Welfare Information Gateway.

If you want another way to retrieve or protect your information, you can do so via court orders, veto system and search and consent systems.

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Kristina - 3 months ago
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Im looking for my mothers family. My mothers name is Lori and one of her sisters is lisa. Their fathers name is John Gregory and Mothers name is Prudent. Johns mothers name is Doretta and his adoptive fathers name is Paul gregory. please let me know if you have any information #1
Konni - 9 months ago
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I'm helping my husband trying to find his biological parents. He was born in sonoma county on 4/21/69 to a 19 year old woman (6' tall, brown hair, green eyes, her dad 7' tall) and a 23 year old man (6' tall, brown hair, blue eyes). He was adopted on 6/26/69 from the Children's home society of California. His mother was a college student and his father was on leave from Vietnam and wanted to finish medical school. My husband is doing great, but would like to know where he came from and we would like to get his medical history as we are planning a family ourselves. We are grateful for any information. Thank you so much :) #2
Tina - 8 months ago
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I am looking for my two sons thay were both adopted in Birkenhead Wirral cant remember when and date. my eldest son is called Johnathan Mathew david nuttall born on the 29th march 1995. my other son is called liam kevin nuttall he was born on the 30th November 1996 in Birkenhead arrow park hospital both of them any info would be grateful I can also be contacted on facebook thanks again #3
Mandy - 2 months ago
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I am looking for my daughter at birth name Mckenzie Eileen Stevenson born 02/17/1997 so I hope an pray for all of us hope to reunite soon #4
Susan - 9 months ago
I am looking for a son I gave up for adoption on May 9, 1976, his name is Todd Christopher Woodhull, born in Newport Beach, CA, he would be 38 now. I was a senior in HS and only 17. Would love to have contact with him and introduce him to his siblings! I now live in Portland, OR and my last name now is Spence #5
Avory - 4 months ago
I'm looking for my sister she was adopted out of alameda county her birth day is May 2 1988 how can I find her any help will be good Thx #6
Guest - 8 months ago
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Looking for a brother born on June 30th 1984 mother was Caucasian father was African American born in little rock arkansas #7
daphne - 4 months ago
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Looking for birth mother girl born 11 12 1964 san francisco ca olive skin hazel eyes adoption finalized in eureka ca humboldt county #8
Guest - 10 months ago
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I'm looking for ...Harah and ...McHone. My birth parents. #9
catherine - 11 months ago
Hi me and my sisters got seperated in care when we was little i am trying to look for them they changed they names to rachel and victoria thanku #10
Amanda - 1 year ago
Looking for child brown in 1986 in Tulare county CALIFORNIA her name at birth was TERESA or THERESA HUGHES her birth mothers name was DARLENE HUGHES she was placed into state care around the age of 3-5 in CALIFORNIA she would be around 27 now. When she was a child she had blonde hair. I do have a picture of her. #11
Ruth - 11 months ago
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Looking for baby Conway , born Carroll, Iowa at St. Anthony's Hospital.. #12
nancy boutte - 11 months ago
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Looking for Bianca rose, eric ray, christian andrew, christina marie, and Makayla renee #13
Kelly - 1 year ago
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I am looking for my daughter. She was born December 15 1980 in Oswego NY.She is 33 years old now. Her birth name given is Cassandra L. Curry.Her birth mother is looking for her.Mother"s name is Kelly A.Santos maiden name is Curry #14
charlene maresh-baer - 1 year ago
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i am looking for my husbands children damien and lorelei baer, he never got to say goodbye when they were taken away from their mother alison birk. he was incarcerated at the time from un related charges, please if you are the adopted parents i just want to know how the kids are and if i can have a current picture..thats all this father wants ...any information find me on facebook (under my madien name maresh) it would mean so much to christian (their father) ...thank you #15
Debra - 1 year ago
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Born in Los Angeles, California 1959. Bio parents last names Milner #16
wanda brown - 1 year ago
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Looking for my daughter,last known name was Miranda Rios,believe she was adopted outto a family in Dallas,TX or surrounding area,she is 18 yrs old and her mother Wanda brown is searching for her #17
A.Christi Bailey - 2 years ago
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Hi I'm looking for my older adopted brother's birthparents, siblings, or any relatives. He was born on June 26th,1956. At the Florence Crittenton Home in Sioux City, IA. His birth name was John Noel. His birthmother was 14 years old when he was born. His adopted name was Charles Gregory French. He was called greg growing up. I am also an adoptee too. I would love to find his family for myself and his family. Please make contact with me. Thank-you very much. #18
debi - 1 year ago
Looking for my husbands birth parents he was born Charles Bailey on November 17, 1962 in Wilmington Delaware by a mom in collage if this is you please call us or call #19
Beth - 1 year ago
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I am looking for my sisters son she gave up in 1972,73 in Bucks County Pa. Her name was Linda Leigh Creasy. He was born at Lower Bucks county hospital. #20

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