Adoption Register

An adoption register, or registry, is a database of consenting adoptees and birth relatives who are actively and passively searching for one another in an effort to establish some kind of contact or reunion.

Every state will have some form of unified adoption register. After registering, adoptees may also petition the courts to have a confidential intermediary assigned to his or her case. The C.I. will be granted access to the adoption record with the intent to search out and mediate conversations between the adoption parties. Many agencies are also more likely to help a searching adoptee or birth relative with post-adoption services after he or she has registered with the state registry. Some states may require this anyway.

There are also online adoption registers that may or may not require fees to register and use. Online adoption registers are databases of registrants who are also searching for birth children, siblings and parents. These require users to manually look through the profiles on the site. This is tiring and often unhelpful in the search process but is certainly a route that many people take in their search for their birth relatives.

Adoptees and adoptive parents who do not wish to be contacted at any point post-adoption can request that their information be guarded regardless of petitions to open an adoption record.

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Derek - 3 months ago
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I am looking for my birth mother, Brenda Mae Davis, 49. She would be from Ontario Canada, having grown up near Newmarket / Uxbridge. She may be named Brenda Mae Allan now. is my site #1
jeannie - 6 months ago
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hi. My name is Jeannie and my 3 girls were adopted out when they were younger they are now 14,10,9 I am trying to locate them to let them know I love them and that, I think about them all the time I currently live in Spokane WA and doing well. #2
Misty - 9 months ago
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I am writing this for a friend. She is looking for her son that was born in St. Benedict's Hospital, Ogden, UT. He was born on July 4th, 1960. She was 18 the day she had him. She would so love to meet her son. #3
Jill slaughterbeck - 1 year ago
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I'm 46 years old I'm looking for my three son's that are 28,23,22,they were adopted when they 5years order and the to were just bron so they toke all three of them so I'm trying to find tham so if any one can one that's know than have #4
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