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Sometimes the horse's mouth doesn't say things as concisely and eloquently as you'd like. That's why it's nice to let others speak for you with concise, insightful and profound quotes about the adoption experience. They can make you laugh, smile or help push someone through the emotional roadblocks created by an inability to express how we feel in a way that feels satisfying and integral to the emotion.

Some quotes, like Rudyard Kipling's "He who can reach a child's heart can reach the world's heart," are applied to the adoption community without them being the original intent but they can still be uplifting and inspiring. Finding an adoption quote that gets you through the toughest part of adopting will one day be a meaningful phrase to share with your adoptee as he or she matures. They also accent a scrapbook well with thoughtful reflections on adoption. Adoption quotes can help condense an entire emotion into a simple sentence or two. Sometimes, it's just the idea a quote can create that gives it its lasting power.

To think about the double-meaning of "adoption quote," there is not a more appropriate term for these phrases. On the one hand, it refers to a phrase about adoption. On the other, an adoption quote is an estimated sum of the cost for adoption-related expenses. If a quote could give an estimate to the wisdom and love that an adoption produces, it couldn't have a more appropriate name.

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