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Before you can possibly know what you want from the adoption community, you'll need to know what it has to offer. By using adoption photolistings to look through the photos and bios of babies and children available from private, public and international agencies, you can get a better idea of who the waiting adoptable children are.

Sure, it's slim to none that you're going to actually adopt the cute gap-toothed, dimple-cheeked child grinning at you from the computer screen. But one of the greatest advantages of a photolisting is that they can connect you with the agency that posted the photolisting.

It's easy to fall in love with those adorable photos of children waiting for adoption. These are more useful for older child adoptions, which can include informative biographies about the child's hobbies and behavioral habits. However, parents shouldn't get glassy-eyed over these bios as they barely scratch the surface of a child's complexity. Often, older children up for adoption have physical, mental or emotional disabilities not listed in the bio.

Baby adoption photolistings are a little less informational, as babies are too young to have developed any qualities that make them behaviorally and socially unique. There are some details that can help a couple understand a child's developmental habits, such as the Apgar score.

International adoption photolistings are either vague or nonexistent. China, for example, may not present a couple with the photo of the adoptable child until he or she has been assigned with the adoptive parents.

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taylor - 1 year ago
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Hi. My husband and i are not able to have children. I am not able to conceive. We have brrn tryin for 3 years And decided to go with adoption for many different reasons.. we are looking for infant to 5 mos. Wr are financially stable and would be able to provide and love with all of our hearts. It would be our dream come true #1
dianna - 1 year ago
im a single woman whos children have recently left the nest, I was a foster parent for years,my home has always been full of children, the home all the neighbor children gathered and felt at home with because I always made everyone welcome,safe,loved,a real home.i would love to raise up more babies from newborn to ten months for adoption.any race,i have taken in drug babies,and impaired children.i worked my life in hospital,fire dept.have a strong faith in god.i feel god has granted each person a gift,a good voice,great intelgence,exc.mine is a caregiver of children,i feel this is my calling #2
Brielle - 3 months ago
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Personally, I find the idea of adoption so amazing. I love when I find out that someone is adopting because that means the mother didn't kill her child. I adopted a four month old, redheaded, perfect little boy two years ago and I couldn't be happier with my decision to adopt. #3
karoline - 6 months ago
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my husband and I have suffered for child adoption for the past eight years to no avail after having our home study approve. Is just three months ago that we succeeded in adopting a son from one orphanage. If you still have the interest in adoption you can contact them #4
Judith - 2 months ago
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I have always wanted to have a big family but we only were able to have one beautiful daughter so we have decided to adopt and my husband and daughter are on board #5
misty linder - 1 year ago
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i am willing to adopt any child, boy or girl, of any age, newborn to 18, and any race, or mixture of races, that wants a forever family. i am a single mother who has always wanted a large family. i always thought i would do that the good old natural way, but God has other plans for my life. i see children all the time that just want someone to love them and be there for them, no matter what. i am willing to be that person. my family is willing to be that family. i feel that the children that are on this earth deserve as much of my love as does my own biological child. once there is that bond, there is no difference in my heart between the two. would absolutely love to adopt and have a large family. #6
Courtney - 1 year ago
0 1 1
willing to foster/adopt boy or girl, preferably newborn to 4 years of age. Race isn't an issue. Just looking to complete my family! #7
christa - 2 years ago
0 3 2
i am looking to adopt an infant 1 wk to 2 mos old boy or girl or one of each. #8
Maggie - 1 year ago
1 3 1
I am looking into adopting a newborn at birth. I am 19 years old and I am engaged to a 21 year old. We are ready for a child and would do all it takes. #9

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