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Adoption message boards, more commonly referred to as adoption forums, are a destination for members of the adoption community to discuss issues that affect them. Forums for adult adoptees, adoptive parents, international adoptions, birth parents, parenting, search and reunion, faith-based adoptions, special needs and foster care are among the top categories on

Message boards are a way for people to talk to professionals and peers about issues that require more than just a textbook response. People on adoption message boards are likely to have lived through and survived the kind of problems that bring you to a message board in the first place. Their input can save you time, money or emotional distress.

Adoption message boards are free and open 24/7, as well! Although professional counseling and help cannot be replaced by adoption message boards, they're a great starting place for basic advice. To view and post to a message board, users will need to create an account with the message board website. These are free but will require an active e-mail address, which are also available for free from various service providers. Registering for a forum takes only a few minutes and you'll have access to information in all forums and sub-forums. Most forum websites will require posts to be approved before they're viewable on the website, however, users users should mind the protection of their information and be accepting of the many different people's opinions and feelings.

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We are kid tested and approved! Cameron and Reed and so excited to be big brothers. We hope 2014 is our year to welcome a new little one into our family. Our hearts and home are open. [more]

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MALIK (VA / 16 / M)
Malik is a child in foster care who just turned 15 years-old, and he is hoping to find his forever family this year. Malik is bright, personable, articulate, and exceptionally... [more]

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