Adoption Application

The adoption application is technically only a small form in a much larger packet of information needed by an adoption agency during the home study process and before they can begin placing a child with an adoptive couple.

The adoption application is an introductory form that asks questions about the adopter, such as contact information, address, education, income and extended family members. The more thorough part of the application is the supplementary information. The kind of information an adoption application may ask for include a criminal background check, particularly any history of drug, alcohol or child abuse and neglect. Adopters will also need to include a record of any medications they are using and any kind of health care, counseling or therapy they have attended. Any previous marriages will also need to be given.

A thorough financial worksheet will also be a part of the adoption application. It will ask about every facet of one's financial situation, from the balance in an adopter's checking account to his or her investments and debts. Other forms ask for permission to pull government-kept records on the adopter, for example, access to his or her driving record and criminal or police history. Permission to access other forms of personal records, such as one's psychiatric or counseling records, may also be requested.

Health reports on everyone in the immediate family will be required as will proof of identity. Adopters will also be asked to write an autobiography about themselves and list possible references of people who can attest to the adoptive couple's parenting ability.

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